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Heart-Stopping Video Shows Construction Worker Saving Toddler Just In Time

A toddler got her head stuck in between the rails of a second-floor balcony. Fortunately, someone saved the day!

Bernadette Carillo





A foreign construction worker was recognized for saving a three-year-old toddler who got her head stuck in between the rails of a second-floor balcony in Jurong East Street, Singapore.

The ongoing road constructions were disrupted by the alarming shouts and cries of both the people and the toddler, who was just split seconds away from falling to the street below. Fortunately, Subramaniam Shanmuganathan (as identified by Asia One) immediately came to the rescue and rescued the toddler. Soon enough, he has saved the baby’s life.

Watch the video:

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With the rising count of raw footage that feature rescue and survival tactics, one can say that the practice of safety precautions is a must, especially if the lives of our loved ones are at stake. As we encounter dangerous obstacles in life, we are empowered to do what is appropriately right when needed the most.

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‘Demon Dog’ Captured in this Man’s Creepy Photo Helped Him Turn Away from His Addiction.

Take a closer look at the image on his left shoulder.

Ann Moises



"Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven" - Donald Lynn Frost

Joe Martinez was a drug addict whose life changed after seeing an eerie image in a photo taken during his in-law's 50th wedding celebration.

Sometime during the party, Martinez and his wife's picture was taken. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary during the occasion and there were others who have had their pictures taken as well.

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They Were Poking a Sea Shell. Seconds Later? A Tiny Octopus Got Furious!

This octopus seemed to have been sleeping when beach bums cause a total disturbance!

Inah Garcia



We are used to seeing dogs and cats get upset, but it is not everyday that we see an angry octopus. Octopuses are invertebrate sea animals that seem harmless, especially when it is still tiny. But in this video, an octopus was set in a rage as two beach bums knocked it off a sea shell.

But who could blame the octopus? It was resting quietly, when it was suddenly forced out of the shell. At first, the humans were just poking and shaking the shell -- curious of what is inside. When they finally let the octopus out, it started going out of control and acted in a wild manner.

Watch the video here:

We don't know what exactly happened after, but from the looks of it, the humans threw the octopus to the camera man and the video recording was put to a stop.

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He’s Been Stuck on a Wheelchair. Little Did He Know that He was About to do the Impossible!

Each and every one of us has a dream to do something extraordinary.

Bernadette Carillo



A trip to Paris, a very own Louis Vuitton, a big fat bank account and a top placer at the Forbes’ Richest Human world-wide. These are all just possible “wants” that usually dominate the New Year’s resolution. However, for nine-year-old Jason Smith, Jr., a touchdown is more than just enough to fulfill a life-time dream.

Coming from a family of football legacy, Jason dreams of continuing the family heritage and making for his own “run for the goal triumph”. With his father being a football coach and his twin brother on the team, Jason is willing to give up anything just to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, his muscular dystrophy forced his dreams to step aside and has locked him in a wheelchair.

Fortunately, it was during the thrilling game of 2012, when all these things took a tremendous turn. Finally, his dad granted his wish and suited him up just in time to take part of the game. With just a few minutes left to spare, Jason was pushed by one of his teammates as they made the phenomenal run and made the ultimate touchdown. Teams from both sides congratulated him for a historic milestone. As a smiling Jason said, “It was very surprising.” Truly, this event is a new promising step to greater possibilities that will be held onto for a lifetime.

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