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28 Awkwardly Mismatched Couples Who Prove “True Love Sees, But Doesn’t Mind”

Because love is all that matters.


When love happens – it just happens and it doesn’t even matter what the person looks like or even how old the person is. For some people, these things do not matter because the most important thing for them is the love they feel toward their better half. But when people see some odd pairings, they start to talk and have an opinion on how awkward or mismatched certain couples can be.

Most of the time, odd pairings do not fail to turn heads, get mocked or make some people giggle. But whatever your reaction will be when you see a mismatched couple, some of them might just be genuinely happy about who they are with. Here are 28 awkward couples that will either make you smile or shake your head.

#1. This girl can maybe help with his brows.

#2. Age is just a number after all, right?

#3. At least they're walking hand in hand.

#4. At least he's the right height to protect the girl's "asset."

#5. It would be pretty difficult to get a girl his size.

#6. Isn't this some kind of a camera perspective trick?

#7. She couldn't just skip the high heels, it's part of the getup!

#8. At least they agreed on this wedding photo.

#9. They can really switch places when it comes to getting sun exposure.

#10. Because opposites attract.

#11. The height difference is not hard to notice but other than that, they look fine!

#12. Maybe it's his way of saying back off from my family?

#13. At least these guys can be silly and they share a love for cats.

#14. She's got a manslave.

#15. Just way too much tan.

#16. This guy's woman has some crazy strength.

#17. I'm sure they complement each other.

#18. At least she gets to have help in the gym.

#19. I don't know about you but they are not afraid of being silly with each other.

#20. Thats cute – going as Shrek and Princess Fiona.

#21. Theirs was a controversial romance.

#22. I guess this guy will be relying on her girl for top shelf items.

#23. At least this guy still has it!

#24. You have to say those are pretty strong ladies right there!

#25. At least they match styles.

#26. That's a big height difference there but having a tall partner has its perks!

#27. I don't understand the "thing" that these two have.

#28. Are they even truly a couple?


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