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This Award-Winning Short Film on Death Will Make You Think About How You Spend Your Time


When a person dies, what happens to that person’s soul? And why do people keep on wanting more time?

These deep and existential questions are the central themes of this award-winning short film. Entitled Coda, the short film was produced by Dublin-based animation studio And Maps and Plans.

The film starts with the main character being hit by a vehicle after getting drunk, with the Grim Reaper following the lost soul in its aimless wandering. Once the Reaper catches up with the soul, it begins to bargain for more time – which, unfortunately, it no longer has.

With poignant scenes that accurately depict what happens in our world today, it provokes deep introspection within ourselves about death, time, and how much humans more crave time after spending it on foolish things.

Watch how the story unfurls in the video below:

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Source: And Maps and PlansBored PandaDesignTaxi

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This granddad is The Man.

This granddad is The Man.

As a kid growing up, didn't you always want to have a treehouse in the backyard?

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CEO of Trillion-Dollar Company Resigns After Daughter Gave Him a List of Things He Missed

“It dawned on me that I was missing an infinitely more important point.”

Some people are so obsessed about their work, of making a lot of money or acquiring material possessions that they miss the more valuable things in life. At times, we cling to temporary happiness over what is constant like our family only to realize that no amount of money or material possession can ever replace them.

In 2014, California-based and globally respected financier Mohamed El-Erian decided to leave his huge post as the CEO of PIMCO, a trillion-dollar investment firm to make up to his family. In an article for Worth, he explained that his 10-year-old daughter made him realized what he was missing out the whole time.

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