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7 Suitcase Packing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Trip






Not everyone is equipped with the skills of packing the perfect suitcase. It takes practice and experiencing mistakes before you can confidently toss things in a bag.

No matter how much of a hassle it can be, every traveler must learn how to do a proper packing job because doing otherwise can ruin your vacation. Take note of these 7 suitcase packing mistakes you should not commit.


Amateur packers have no idea what to pack; they are generally afraid to be left without an item they MIGHT need so what they do is to pack it even though they are not sure they will be using it. This is a bad idea especially if there’s limited room in your suitcase. Make sure that your outfits are coordinated; take items that you can mix and match. Your best best it to bring neutral-colored bottoms and different colors for tops. Make the most out of each piece of clothing you will bring.

Packing at the last minute

Packing at the 11th hour can stress you out big time and when you’re stressed, you can’t think properly. Make a habit of packing a few days before your trip. Also, write a detailed list of what you plan to bring so you won’t miss anything important.

Folding clothes

Folded clothes take more space in your suitcase. Rolling is more recommended. You fold the clothing lengthwise then roll tightly.

Not making the most out of your shoes

The inside of your shoes is great for putting small items like socks, jewelry, and even underwear (just place the item in a Ziploc bag first before stuffing inside the shoe). Always wear your heaviest pair of shoes to the airport and back to save on space and weight.

Not making room for souvenirs

Unless you’re 100% certain you’re not buying them, it’s necessary to have extra storage for souvenirs. A foldable bag that you can easily stuff in your suitcase will definitely help carry those extra stuff.

Not splitting the suitcase with a companion


If you’re traveling with a partner, it’s wise to go half-half on the suitcases. In case one gets lost, both of you will still have stuff to wear until you retrieve your luggage.

Not storing your toiletries properly

Leakage in shampoos, hair gel, or mouthwash is a common suitcase problem. Non-solid products should be placed in zip-top bags to prevent stuff from spilling on the rest of the suitcase should a leakage happen.

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