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Artist Creates Startling Celebrity ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Illustrations





Fulvio Obregon is obsessed with celebrities. He is also a very talented illustrator who combines both his obsession and his talent into revealing artwork that shows just how celebrities used to look when they were younger.

The Columbian graphic designer and character creator has filled his social media pages with a slew of studies featuring celebrity faces, leading viewers to suspect his head is filled with a rich and colorful life of his celebrity other-self. With the way his art is going, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he ends up becoming this generation’s Warhol.

Can you guess who these celebrities are?

0916 fuleo me & my other self

Photo credit: @fulaleo

Be that as it may, Fulvio Obregon’s talent has produced full color drawings and illustrations of athletes, superheroes, music artists, iconic historical figures, and famous actors.

In one of his latest projects, titled “Me & My Other Me,” Obregon, who goes by the social media handle, @fulaleo, has created some of Hollywood’s more famous faces, side by side with their younger selves.

Al Pacino as Tony “Scarface” Montana, and looking appropriately “scarfaced” at age 75.

0916 fulaleo al pacino

Photo credit: @fulaleo

The juxtaposition of “before” and “after” make it appear as if these celebrities’ climbed into a time machine and travelled back into the past to meet with younger versions of themselves to share the life lessons they learned growing older, such as…

“That song will cause you a huge headache. On the other hand, so will your ‘friendship’ with Bowie.”

0916 fulaleo mick jagger

Photo credit: @fulaleo


“Don’t keep fighting with John, he’ll be gone before you know it…”

0916 fulaleo paul mccartney

Photo credit: @fulaleo

And this…

“Genius is temperamental..but maybe being more kind may have kept the cancer away…?”

0916 fulaleo steve jobs

Photo credit: @fulaleo

And especially….

“Maybe if you laid off the plastic surgery…and the little boys…?”

0916 fulaleo michael jackson

Photo credit: @fulaleo

It also perpetuates the illusion of celebrities posing with a younger look-alike relative…

Bill Gates with the son he (secretly) wishes he had…

0916 fulaleo bill gates

Photo credit: @fulaleo

The illustrations are startlingly on point, and show just how much Obregon appears to know his subjects, from facial expressions, to hairstyles, even to the way they dress.

Oscar winner, Robert de Niro

0916 fulaleo robert de niro

Photo credit: @fulaleo

While it is possible he may have copied the way the celebrities looked from actual photos, his illustrations capture the essence of the people in his artwork.

So if you’re wondering what these famous people used to looked like, wonder no longer. Fulvio Obregon has brought a startling “before” and “after” glimpse of your favorite celebrities from his point of view.

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