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Apple Reveals Shortage of iPhones Due to Coronavirus Crisis

Apple announced that “worldwide iPhone supply will be temporarily constrained.”

  • Apple announced the impact of deadly coronavirus on its iPhone production.
  • According to the company, there is an expected shortage of iPhones because production will be slower than normal.
  • Apple also admitted an expected drop of its quarterly estimated revenue.

The California-based company have announced of an expected shortage of iPhones, due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has so far killed thousands in China since December.

In a statement, Apple revealed that although its production plants have reopened recently, it will not meet the total production target of its mobile phones.

The manufacturer also added that its highly likely they will not achieve their projected profits this quarter.

The coronavirus outbreak has indeed led to a slash in production of iPhones and a drop of market demand in China. Besides, majority of Apple’s production plants are located in China, although none of their factories are in Hubei province, where the deadly virus originally broke out. 

Mobile phone productions are expected to slowdown in the coming months., according to Apple.

Apple said that the production team in China has already resumed its operation this week but they are still experiencing “a slower return to normal conditions” than they have anticipated. Thus, expecting to meet its target revenue this March is far from their reach.

Apple also warned all iPhone distributors across the world that their businesses will probably be affected due to this shortage.

“These iPhone supply shortages will temporarily affect revenues worldwide,” an Apple representative said.

In late January, Apple announced that they expected to earn a total revenue between $63 billion and $67 billion during the second-quarter of January. Apple’s second quarter will end on March 30.

Since the deadly virus outbreak, coronavirus has, as of this writing, infected 76,291 in China alone. Meanwhile, 2,366 individuals have died of the viral disease in China and 8 other countries.


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