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Brilliant Comic Shows Why it’s Difficult to Fight Anxiety and Depression





It’s common to hear people say that they’re depressed although they’re not; they’re just sad. People use “sad” and depressed” interchangeably to describe how they feel. But, the fact is, it’s wrong to regard them as one and the same. Sadness is a common emotion that can be easily resolved with the help of some environmental factors and positive thinking while depression requires treatment.

Depression is a psychological disorder with symptoms that can last for at least two weeks. They experience hopeless, guilt, anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure), and of course, sadness. And even if they want to, they can’t just “snap out of it”.

Depression also commonly occurs with anxiety. To make matters worse, they feel irritable or nervous, and they have trouble concentrating and sleeping.

Sadly, many don’t understand what people with depression and anxiety are going through. They often lose their patience or try to give pieces of advice that are only applicable to people who are just sad.

Nick Seluk created a striking yet simple illustration to show others how people with depression and anxiety feel. And I hope this serves as an eye-opener for everyone.


Photo credit: Nick Seluk

H/T: 9Gag, Mayo Clinic, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Medicinenet

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