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Gem-Studded Teeth Reveal Remarkable Skills Of Ancient Mayan Dentists





The ancient Mayan civilization has always been fascinating to study, especially because of the amazing architecture and many great achievements.

Its colossal pyramids have lasted thousands of years yet these were only made using crude tools. Surely, this prowess in architecture surpasses the talents of this period.

But would you believe the Mayans also practiced advanced dentistry? Well, we’re not talking here about dental implants using titanium screws and metal-ceramic crowns used by modern dentists to replace teeth after extraction but of an entirely different kind of implants.

teeth 5

Photo credit: Santa Rosa Dentist

Archaeologists have dug up evidence that the Mayans, regardless of their status in society, went to their dentists to have gems implanted to their teeth!

teeth 2

Photo credit: National Geographic

These gem-studded teeth actually look awesome; though one could only imagine what pain these people have gone through to achieve this cosmetic effect. There appears to be no known reason for the Mayan people to have gem-encrusted teeth aside from aesthetics.

Intricate Dental Procedure by Knowledgeable Dentists

teeth 3

Photo credit: Viral Nova/Pinterest

Now, to achieve beautiful gem-studded teeth for the people, dentists have to be extra careful to carve the hole without breaking the rest of the structure or hitting dental nerves [ouch!].

Actual Skull Dug from Mayan Ruins


Photo credit: Wikimedia

There was, of course, no electricity at the time so the Mayan dentists have to manually carve the holes using a very hard, pointed stone such as obsidian. Scientists believe herbs could have been used to dull the pain during the procedure. Then, natural resins [like plant sap] were used to attach the gem stones in place.

Actual Gem-encrusted Teeth

teeth 4

Photo credit: Viral Nova/Tumblr

We’re not sure why the trend did not catch on and reach modern times but would you be willing to try this awesome Mayan dentistry fad?

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