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Americans Spotted Flying Drones Over Marawi City, US Continues Aiding Philippines

The U.S. military has been providing “technical support” to the Philippine troops during the Marawi siege.

It’s been almost three weeks since the Maute group of terrorists besieged the Philippine city of Marawi. American troops have already sent help to end the clash in the area by sending spy planes to provide surveillance for the Philippine Army.

On Monday, four Americans were spotted standing beside a pickup truck in Marawi while flying a drone over the city, as seen in the video footage obtained by ABS-CBN. This is not the first time that the U.S. got involved in the clash between the government troops and the pro-ISIS militants.

On Friday, a journalist and photographer from Associated Press spotted the surveillance aircraft, the U.S. Navy P3 Orion, flying over the besieged city, Sunstar reported.

The U.S. military has been providing "technical support" to the Philippine troops during the Marawi siege.

The U.S. Embassy and the Philippine military have since confirmed that the Americans have been providing aid to the troops battling it out in the conflict-stricken Marawi. The Philippine law prohibits foreign troops from engaging in local combat but the military assured that U.S. Forces are only offering “technical support.”

“We don’t have adequate surveillance equipment, so we asked the U.S. military for assistance. It’s noncombat assistance,” military spokesman Brigadier General Restituto Padilla told Sunstar by phone.

The embassy has also issued a statement explaining that the United States will continue to work with its ally “to address shared threats to the peace and security of our countries, including on counterterrorism issues.”

Soldiers continue to battle it out in the besieged city.

Source: Reuters
Pro-ISIS militants have been terrorizing Marawi City since May 23.

Source: Reuters

The Maute group has been terrorizing the southern city since May 23. The attack on Marawi City has already claimed the lives of 13 Philippine soldiers. 20 civilians and 138 militants have also been killed, the government confirmed.

The Maute brothers, who lead the terrorist group, are among those who have been killed, the BBC reported. Parents of the brothers’, who have helped provide the funds to the group, have also been captured.


Young Filipino Soldier Makes Ultimate Sacrifice in Fight Against ISIS-Backed Terrorists

Surrounded by the enemy, heroic Filipino soldier Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot, urged his commanding officer, “Just bomb my location, Sir!”

The Philippine government is dealing with a crisis in Marawi City. Some local ISIS-backed terrorists have taken over the city, which is situated in the province of Lanao del Sur in Mindanao. This is where the tale of a heroic young Filipino soldier happened.

Marawi City has become a war zone as ISIS-backed terrorists have taken over some parts of Marawi. They have burned down some structures, including a church. Amid the evacuation of residents and continued hostilities, the challenges faced by the Philippine military have become very obvious.

The Sibugay Express Facebook page shared the heartbreaking story of a heroic 24-year-old soldier, Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot....

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Philippine Military Tanks Fighting ISIS-Backed Terrorists Use DIY Wood “Armor”

Philippine military tanks going after ISIS-backed terrorists in Marawi City have been reinforced with makeshift “wood armor.”

By now, the world knows that the Philippine government is dealing with a crisis in Marawi City. Some local ISIS-backed terrorists have taken over the city, which is situated in the province of Lanao del Sur in Mindanao.

The crisis started when combined government forces conducted a raid to catch Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) leader Isnilon Hapilon. The ASG is a local terrorist organization known for its kidnap-for-ransom activities. In fact, they have brutally killed some of their hostages, which include both locals and foreigners.

Marawi City has become a war zone.


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Marines Recover P79M Of Cash And Checks In Fallen Maute Terrorists Stronghold

Authorities are now tracing the source of the money.

The Philippine Marines have recovered cash and checks worth a total of P79 million in a house in Marawi City. While doing a clearing operation near Mapandi bridge on Monday, the soldiers discovered the P52M worth of cash and 23.7M worth of stale checks.

According to CNN Philippines, the money was found in the house, which is an abandoned machine gun post of the Maute group. Reports also say that the house that the cash was discovered in was where a Maute sniper was killed after he shot an Army Scout Ranger.

Lt. Gen. Garlito Galvez, commander of Western
Mindanao Command told GMA News,...

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