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11 Things You Need To Know Before Thinking You Are Alone In The World


Being alone in the world is probably the one of the most scariest situations anyone could ever think about for themselves. More than not having someone to be with, living completely alone can be hurtful because it signifies that our loved ones have left us or have died due to unfavorable events will keep haunting us for the rest of our lives.

Nevertheless, we should bear in mind that it is inevitable to end up alone in the world. No matter how much you say you won’t, it is still good to prepare yourself for it, just in case.

In this post by Polina Gaverdovskaya, she explains how to stay firm and fulfilled if the apparent event arrives. She said that while the idea has not seeped inside your beings at the moment, one day, you will understand that you are alone and these tips will save you. Here is an adaptation of Gaverdovskaya’s post:

1. Try something new today.


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When we grow older, we tend to go to the same places, eat the same food and do the same things over again.

We won’t have the same passionate gusto or the inclination to be adventurous anymore. So before that time comes, do not stick to the same old things. Always try to deviate from your usual menu choices, book picks and style of clothes. Practice this when you feel so hesitant, so fearful and so lazy so that you will realize that things can be done just by putting your mind into it.

2. Forgive and forget.


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Classify the things and persons you can and cannot forgive.

For the issues you have already accepted, do give them the gift of forgiveness. But for those which and who you just can’t forgive no matter what, don’t sweat, just forget them. Just sway the negativity, ditch arguing and live simply — you will realize how much lighter life can be if you do so.

3. Take it slow.


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Do not rush and make decisions with a snap of a finger.

The things that can be achieved quickly are fleeting. If you want something, it will come to you eventually. But if you’ve decided too early to chase things that are not well thought of, you may end up not wanting it in the long run; hence, wasting a valuable amount of time. Give it some time. If significant time have passed and you really, really, REALLY want it still, then that is the time to give it a go.

4. Don’t give up.


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It is inevitable to make mistakes, to realize that a decision is bad and to feel bad about your life so far. However, you can always try.

Success is rooted from experiences. Know that it is okay to fall because it only means that you are not ready. The things you’ve learned from those experiences and the values and skills you’ve developed as you go through them will be your stepping stones to success. So practice resilience, independence and firmness and carry it through as you sail through life.

5. Life ain’t over until it’s over.


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Sometimes, life can be so challenging that problems become too hard to bear.

Everything that happens is just a stone dropped in the river — it might make a ripple, but it won’t stop the flow. When you think about all the pain you’ve experienced, you will just have to say, “Hey, I got through it!”

6. Live as if it is the last day of your life.


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What is the one thing that you’ve been aiming to do since you can’t remember when?

Do it now. Kiss your mom, hug your dad, take your now grown-up brother for ice cream. If you have this thinking everyday, you will have more fulfilling days ahead.

7. Take care of yourself.


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Make the world your playground but do not take yourself for granted.

Listen to your body and respond to it immediately. That chronic back pain may signify that you need to take longer breaks from the office, that puffy eyes may mean you need to spend some time off the computer and so on. Jog, swim, bike, do yoga or take Zumba classes. Practice this regularly until listening and taking care of your body becomes your second nature.

8. Aim for true love.


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Always look for genuine love, romance and passion.

While sex is part of it all, try not to mix them up all too much. Always ensure that you engage in meaningful sex and that it is rooted from love.

9. Let go of other people’s perspective of you.


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Do not think about what others say.

Majority of people think about themselves only so if they think about you, that’s because they are comparing themselves to you, so in reality, they are not really thinking about you. The gist? Don’t mind what they say or do for it has no truth or significance at all.

10. Beware of certainty.


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When you start to become too certain about life, decline follows.

Do not put 100 percent trust in what you are doing and always leave some room for change. Ensure that there is a choice for you to change the path of your life and do something else.

11. Friendships are forever.


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If there is one thing that you should hold onto, it’s your friends.

You can never have too many friends and when the time has come that the loneliness bug kicks in, your true friends will come knocking on your day when you least expect it and you’ll hear them say, “Are you mad? You’ve got us!”

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