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Adorable Photo Of Little Boy And Girl Goes Viral For Being ‘Sexist’

The picture has sparked a new debate about gender stereotyping.


One of the best things about children is their purity and innocence. For instance, an adorable photo of two kids in little scrubs is clearly just a little boy and a little girl playing dress up. However, the image has gone viral because people are complaining about its sexist message.

The photo was shared by Twitter account The Medical Shots, which is known for posting content in the medical field. The picture depicts two children, a boy and a girl, in mini-scrubs. They are holding hands and walking down a hospital corridor. It’s an adorable photo but the internet immediately reacted to what it is printed on their clothes.

Here’s the photo shared on Twitter.

The tweet is captioned, “This is cute, isn’t it?” The photo certainly is at first glance but netizens didn’t like the idea that the little girl was expected to be the nurse while the boy will grow up to become a doctor.

“No it’s not. Why isn’t she a Dr as well? Or why is the boy not a nurse?” one comment read. Another pointed out that, “The children are cute. The sexism on their backs is NOT.”

Others tried to point out that maybe the little girl does want to become a nurse when she grows up. However, it was immediately shut down by one comment. “She’s way too young to know what she wants. This picture is adult oriented and blatantly sexist,” one netizen wrote.

Someone decided to “fix” the photo.

The internet’s reaction certainly had an effect on the post itself. The image is currently hidden due to “sensitive content” although it is just a photo of two children. Nevertheless, the message it conveys could have a negative effect on kids and their own ambitions.

What do you think of the innocent photo being labeled as ‘sexist’? Let us know in the comments below.


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