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9 Year Old Boy Erupts into Happy Tears Over a Hamster Surprise by His Little Sister





Sibling bond is so special; they are our first friends, playmates, role models, protectors and inspiration.

Sibling attachments are often warm and loving up until they grow up.

Relationships between brothers and sisters can often be the most complex but emotionally powerful and critically important from childhood to adult life.

A perfect example for this is the story of Daniel and Abby.

Daniel Stout, 9 year old boy wanted a hamster ever since his sister Abby, 6 years old received this as a birthday gift from their parents.

His sister Abby noticed how much Daniel is doing extra house chores to be able to save up and buy a hamster. Daniel would do more scrubbing in the bathroom floor and garage cleaning. This is why Abby wanted to surprise Daniel by buying a hamster for him.

Watch Abby’s Heart Warming Surprise for His Brother:

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Aby said to her mom Rachel,

“I want to surprise Daniel and buy him a hamster; he has been working so hard.”

Abby wanted to use her birthday money to buy a hamster for Daniel. Abby and Rachel started planning a surprise for Daniel.

They went to Pet Smart when Daniel left the house to have a sleepover; Abby bought a hamster that looks exactly the same as her pet since this is what Daniel has been aiming to buy.

Abby’s surprise made his brother very happy and touched by her kind gesture.

Abby surprise made his brother very happy and touched by her kind gesture.

Source: Rachel Stout

When Daniel arrived home, Abby grabbed the hand of his brother’s hand and brought him to the room.

Abby joyfully exclaimed,

“I got you a hamster!”

Daniel was really surprised as soon as his sister told him she paid for the hamster. He happily grabbed Abby and hugged her tightly while sitting on the floor. This is the time when Abby realized that his brother was tearing out of joy.

Abby said,

“Are you crying? Because I am.
Why are you crying? Are you happy crying?”

Daniel answered yes by nodding his head as he couldn’t speak out of joy and great shock.

The touching video of these siblings went viral; they caught the attention of thousands of people as they showed an amazing sibling love.

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