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8 Things You Wouldn’t Believe Got Banned From Sports Stadiums

Marshmallows, of all things.


Games at sports stadiums are some of the best social gatherings ever. Given the number of people packed in a stadium during a major sports event, it’s understandable that security can be tight. Banning weapons and items that can be used to hurt people, such as bottles and pointed items are expected.

However, there are seemingly-harmless items that are actually getting banned at sports stadiums. Would you believe marshmallows and beach balls are not allowed in some venues? Read on to know why and to see the rest of the items that you wouldn’t believe got banned from sports stadiums.


Marshmallows got banned at the football stadium of the University of Michigan after students threw stale soft ones at each other. These soft little pillows can become hard as a golf ball when mashed together, which makes throwing it at people dangerous.


The Neil Diamond song “Sweet Caroline” got banned from Penn State University football games starting in 2012. Some say that it was because of the lyrics and its relation to the Jerry Sandusky scandal, but school officials denied it. “Rock and Roll Part 2” is banned from certain North Carolina public schools and Super Bowl XLVI.


Peanuts are not allowed in certain baseball games for the sake of people with allergies. According to Reuters,

“[A] peanut-controlled game day means offering an isolated section of around 100 seats that have been thoroughly cleaned, banning the sale of nuts nearby, posting signs and ushers around to make fans aware of the nut-free zone and keeping medical staff close for emergencies.”

Cow Bells

Cowbells, which is a traditional noisemaker at Mississippi State University sporting events, was banned in 1974. The clanging of the bells apparently causes disruption during games. Eventually, the SEC allowed the fans to use the bells during pre-game and timeouts, as well as halftimes, and after the team scores.


Almost all major sports stadiums do not allow umbrellas because it blocks the views of spectators and can be used as a weapon.

Beach balls

It can distract players and interrupt games especially if it lands on the field.

Laser pointers

The colorful rays can distract players, which can be disastrous during crucial moments.

Big purses


The NFL does not allow any bag larger than four-and-a-half inches by six-and-a-half inches inside the stadium, most likely to prevent people from carrying potential weapons inside.


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10 of the Worst Feelings Ever, and Everyone Can Relate To Them

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Every person in this world, in one way or another, has his or her own likes and dislikes when it comes to a lot of things. It is just human nature. so to speak. For instance, some might like eating pizzas with pineapple toppings, while others do not. Some might like the idea of traveling, while others would prefer saving up. Some might like watching a certain T.V show, while others simply prefer going to the movies. You see, the list just goes on and on.

Interestingly, an artist by the name of Jacob Andrews decided to venture on this topic by drawing up the 10 Objectively Worst Feelings in the World. Although he presents it in a hilarious way possible, it cannot be denied that his drawings are something that everyone can relate to. And mind you, these do not portray the deepest and meaningful feelings in terms of life and death issues. Nor do they convey a complicated analysis of the human psyche. These are basically first world problems of the very worst kind.

The comics are part of Andrews’ series which he originally created on College Humor. They are really thought-provoking, most especially if you are looking to balance your life with some positivity (because who on earth do not want such, right?). Well, it is actually something that the world really needs now.

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