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8 Simple and Effective Home Remedies for Dry and Cracked Heels





Our feet don’t have oil glands so when cold season comes, our overlooked skin there suffers. It comes upon all of us at some point – unsightly dry and cracked heels that ruin our looks and our moods.

Not only do dry, cracked heels feel like an alien landscape, they can itch terribly at times, causing no end to our discomfort.

Dry and barren.

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Fortunately, there won’t be any need to buy expensive salves and lotions. All you require may already be in your pantry. These eight simple and effective home remedies are surprisingly inexpensive and easy to apply:

#1. Lemon juice.

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Soak your dry footsies in lemon juice for 10 minutes and rub down with a pumice stone or loofah. Lemon juice acid is effective in softening dry skin for exfoliation.

#2. Olive oil

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Dry, cracked heels need moisture pronto, and olive oil can work wonders. For a spa experience, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and rub the mixture in.

#3. Vaseline

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Petroleum jelly is thick and moisturizing enough to soothe the toughest of dry, cracked skin. For best results, wear socks after rubbing your heels in Vaseline just before going to bed. You’ll wake up with softer, smoother feet in the morning.

#4. Sugar

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Sugar scrubs are all the rage these days. Pair a tablespoon of granulated brown sugar with a couple of drops of olive oil for a 10 to 15-minute exfoliating scrub. You’ll end up with soft, smooth heels for your effort.

#5. Honey

Jars of honey and lemons on wooden table

Source: Loving on Me

Honey’s natural enzymes work to heal cracked heels and seal in the moisture. Soak your feet in a mixture of warm water and honey for 10 to 15 minutes and you’ll immediately feel the soothing difference.

#6. Milk

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Source: Baba Mail

Milk is rich in Vitamin A and many other nutrients that contribute to healthy, glowing skin. Its lactic acid content is also effective in sloughing off dead skin cells. Soak dry feet in a bath of 1 cup of milk in 7 cups of warm water to promote the growth of softer new skin.

#7. Sesame oil

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With its Vitamin E content, plus three exfoliating acids and anti-bacterial properties, a sesame oil rub each night after soaking feet in warm water will rid you of dry, cracked heels.

#8. Turmeric

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Source: Vkool

As long as you’re okay with turning your feet bright yellow, turmeric has a near miracle effect in ridding you of dry, cracked skin caused by athlete’s foot. Three tablespoons of turmeric powder rubbed in with a few drops of coconut oil will do the trick. Wash off after 30 minutes with mild soap and warm water, and you’re good to go.

H/T: Remedy Daily

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