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7 Food Containers You’ve Been Using Wrong All Your Life

These food containers have been around for decades, and it’s only now that we’re realizing how they should be used!


With how advanced we are these days, almost everything we come into contact with has a very specific and efficient use. Naturally, food containers are some of those well-thought out inventions that we use in our daily lives.

But while you think you might be getting the most out of your food containers, you might actually only be scratching the surface. Just check out how you can properly use them.

#1. Soda can tabs are there to hold your straw in place.

Soda can tabs are there to hold your straw in place.

It keeps your straw stable, so you no longer need to do that awkward straw-chasing mouth thing when you’re looking at something else while looking to have a drink.

#2. Oreo trays are for milk.

Oreo trays are for milk.

You can get through the middle row of cookies in mere minutes. And once done, just fill up that entire middle row for hassle-free milk dunking. Just make sure the container is completely intact, lest you spill your milk.

#3. Tic Tac containers dispense one Tic Tac at a time.

Tic Tac containers dispense one Tic Tac at a time.

Give the container a shake and hold it horizontally while opening the tab. Voila! One perfectly portioned Tic Tac.

#4. Fold your yogurt container in half to mix in the honey.

Fold your yogurt container in half to mix in the honey.

Don’t be the neanderthal that dips your spoon in both containers – while never getting the right proportion. Just bend and pour the toppings right into the yogurt, mix, and enjoy!

#5. Soda cup lids are coasters.

Soda cup lids are coasters.

All those ridges on the lid perfectly match up to the bottom of the cup, so you won’t have to worry about watermarks on your tables!

#6. Unfold your Chinese takeout boxes.

Unfold your Chinese takeout boxes.

Yes, they’re handy folded up if you want to walk around while eating but when you’re sitting down and actually enjoying your meal, you can un-tuck the sides of the takeout box to reveal a plate. That way, you can wave goodbye to greasy chow mein-smelling hands!

#7. Ketchup containers are the same as the takeout boxes.

Ketchup containers are the same as the takeout boxes.

You can fan them out and get more ketchup on your container. It also eliminates the problem of how to dunk bigger bits of food into such a tiny container.


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