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The Simple Yet Super Effective Way to Fold Clothes Perfectly

Folding clothes is one of the most tedious chores out there. So how can you do it quickly and perfectly?


Marie Kondo is the author of the best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which has become a popular go-to guide for those looking to make their workspaces neat and tidy. In her book are the KonMarie methods of folding clothes, which inspired LA blogger Aileen of Lavendaire to create videos for.

Below are the videos that just might change the way you look at folding your clothes.

How to organize your closet

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First, you should fold the clothes vertically to help you see your clothes at one glance. Naturally, there are also clothes that need to be hung up, such as dresses and coats. Next, make sure you organize your closet so it rises to the right, meaning the long, heavy items are on the left, and the ligher and shorter items are on the right side. As for organizing little baubles, make good use of shoeboxes to store them in. And as for bigger items like bags, store them inside bags to take up less space.

How to fold shirts

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This only takes a few seconds to do and all you need is a flat surface and all the clothes that need folding. This method helps you fold shirts that can be stored vertically while taking up minimal space.

How to fold pants

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Folding your pants is always much neater for your closet than simply hanging them. Plus this method is also great for the vertical storage method mentioned above.

How to fold sweaters

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Big, fluffy sweaters also follow the same method but there’s also a technique for folding thicker sweaters in the video above.

How to fold socks

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Socks of various lengths (and even stockings!) require different techniques to fold, and Aileen shows us how to do it!

Change the way you organize your closet with Marie Kondo’s handy folding and organizing techniques! For more from Lavendaire, check out her blog here.


Here’s How to Make Sure Your Kids are Always Well-Mannered

It’s always a parent’s lingering fear that their kids will turn into tantrum-throwing, ill-mannered goblins that no one likes!

Aside from making sure your kids are well-fed, safe, and happy, you also want to instill proper conduct in your children, even from an early age. But there are a multitude of parenting books and blogs that give you conflicting information on exactly what you need to do to make sure your kids turn into spoiled little brats.

So what's the real score? While parenting techniques may differ from parent to parent, here are the 5 HUGE mistakes every parent should avoid. Just keep yourself from making these mistakes and your kids should turn out fine.

Being afraid of your kids.

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You don’t have to starve.

In the event of a natural disaster, zombie apocalypse, or anything else that requires you to hoard food supplies and camp out in a safe place, canned goods are heaven-sent items. Food stays fresh and edible for a long time and when you need to eat, all you have to do is open it and presto!

But wait...what if you actually forgot to keep a can opener?

Okay, there's no need to panic. You can still open that using a spoon or chef's knife. If you still don't have these two, then good old fashioned concrete will do.

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1. Find a routine that will put you in a good mood.

Starting today, think of an activity that will put you on focus. You can either start meditating, reading a new good book, take an early walk or exercise. You may also condition your mind to think about the things that will make you happy and grateful about life. This way, you can definitely start your day right!

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