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Identical Twins Caught Using the Same Driver’s License for 20 Years After One of Them Starts Going Bald

They were exposed because of hair loss!


It sounded like the plot for a perfect crime but unfortunately, nature started taking over and started exposing them to authorities. According to reports, a pair of identical twins from China has been caught for sharing the same driver’s license for 20 years.

The twins can blame it all on hair loss! Apparently, a Chinese man only mentioned in the reports with his surname Yan was pulled over by traffic cops. They suspected he was using a revoked license and while he claimed he was his younger twin brother, the police noticed a slight difference.

As the police searched the database, they discovered that the younger brother’s photo shows him with a head full of hair while the older one was starting to go bald.

It was later found out that the brothers, who hail from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang province, have been using the same license for years as both of their licenses have previously been suspended for drunk driving. The younger brother, however, eventually regained his license following a driving test and the two since had the idea to share the permit instead.

Although the older Yan was wearing a wool hat when he was stopped by the authorities, he was asked to remove the headwear and so his balding head was exposed and the cops spotted the difference in the picture when they searched the online database.

Police officer Zhao Xin shared:

“Although they looked really alike, there were some features that set them apart – including the thickness and the length of their hair.”

The man later confessed:

“I have been using the same driver’s license with my younger brother for 20 years. We are twins, so we look very alike.”

So what’s the consequence of their actions, you ask? Well according to the Daily Mail, Mr. Yan has been fined 2,000 yuan plus further investigation is still ongoing.


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