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5 Signs Indicating That You’re in a Mature, Adult Relationship

Topics involving “kids” or “marriage” don’t scare the hell out of you.


When you were younger, one of the most likely thing you’ve searched for in a partner or a relationship is passion- that hot, burning desire that crushes your heart. That yearning to be with that one magical person who can sweep you off your feet. That intense argument that might end up in wild, make up sex after. In other words- drama. Chances are, relationships built on such foundation won’t last. As the flame of desire dies down, so does the love.

Everything seems to change as you grow older. Your attitude and your perspective in life will seem to change. I noticed that as we mature, our actions and reactions become more… subtle. All those wild, crazy, things that we used to pursue will probably not be as thrilling anymore. I think I can say the same about love. However, it doesn’t mean that the love shared by two mature people is not as passionate and true.

So how would you know if you’re already in a mature, adult relationship? Here are five signs:

#5. You don’t have to be together everyday of the week


Photo credit: Psychology Today

You can enjoy living your own life, your own world, knowing that the other person trusts you enough to give you just the right amount of space. This way, you also have a lot to talk about when you’re together.

#4. Showing your love is more important than just saying it


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You can tell your partner that you love him/her everyday and not even mean it. Actions still speak louder than words. As you grow more mature, you’ll realize that its better to express your love through actions.

#3. It’s not difficult to be in a relationship


Photo credit: Heart relationships

Some people fear of getting intimately involved with someone because of all the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety that usually come with relationships. Somehow there is that fear that your partner will leave you for someone else. So then you try so hard to make the relationship work, often doing things like a mere obligation. Your relationship shouldn’t be like that. People involved in mature relationships should feel free and secured, and the relationship itself shouldn’t feel like a chore.

#2. You can argue without fearing that you’ll break up


Photo credit: El Crema

You can argue and disagree about certain matters. But at the end of the day, you’ll be able to understand each other’s point of view and acknowledge each other’s differences.

#1. Talks about ‘future plans’ don’t scare you or your partner


You don’t have to worry that your partner will run faster than the speed of light at the very mention of words such as “kids”, “marriage”, or “mortgage” in a conversation. Instead, your partner will openly discuss his/her plans with you, even though none of you can really say for sure what will happen in the future.


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