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5 Food Items You Shouldn’t Put in the Refrigerator

Keep these somewhere else.


While it’s true that nothing beats the refrigerator when it comes to keeping food fresh, not all food items shouldn’t be placed in there. There are stuff that is best placed somewhere in room temperature.

Next time you buy these items, make sure to keep them AWAY from the refrigerator.


You would be forgiven in thinking that all greens should be stored in the ref. After all, you need to keep those leaves from wilting, right? Not in the case of tropical plants such as the basil. See, its leaves turn black quickly when stored below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep it fresh, store the leaves in a glass filled with water; make sure to submerge them. Cover the glass container with a zip-top plastic bag to retain its moisture.


Onions are best kept in hole-punched paper bags and stored in the pantry. The air circulation will keep the onions fresh. Onions emit moisture and gas so don’t store near potatoes if you don’t want the latter to spoil fast.


Speaking of which, potatoes should be stored at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is warmer than the normal setting of refrigerators, which is around 35 to 38 degrees. Cold temperatures convert potato starch into sugar, causing them to develop slightly sweet flavor and gritty texture. Like onions, place the potatoes inside paper bags and keep in the pantry. Keep away from direct sunlight as well if you don’t want your potatoes to turn green and taste bitter.


The pulpy appearance of tomatoes make most people assume that its better placed inside the ref, but the cool temperature actually does more harm than good. The cold changes the chemical pathways of tomatoes and result to dull flavor. Let tomatoes ripe slowly to preserve the juicy taste.

Whole melons

Room temperature actually doubles the level of compounds found in melons. These compounds include beta-carotene, known for promoting healthy eyesight and skin. Cool temperature stunts the growth of antioxidants after harvest. Once melons are sliced, that’s the time you should store them in the ref.


YouTuber Proves We’ve All Been Eating Burgers The Wrong Way

Oh gosh. My entire life is a lie!

Who the hell doesn’t like burgers? I, for once, am a sucker for a good sandwich. Well sure I know burgers aren’t exactly the healthiest of food choices but I always consider it as my little “guilty pleasure.” After a long day of work, I sometimes go out and grab my favorite burger to reward myself and kick the stress away.

Personally, I think there is always something satisfying about biting that special bun filled with meat, cheese, sauce, and a few vegetables. Call me corny or whatever but there’s really something “magical” about how all the different flavors perfectly mix together. Burgers are definitely my favorite!

The only downside to the damn thing, however, is that eating it can be a bit messy. It’s a struggle to keep the food together especially if you are eating a big one.

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Man Proves TSA is Useless, Assembles Lethal Weapons from Common Airport Store Items

This may likely spell the end to the TSA’s run on terrorizing senior citizens with colostomy bags and special needs children.

Airport security, with their x-rays, metal detectors, and random luggage inspections are there for a reason. They protect passengers and airlines from hijackings and terrorist attacks by screening commuters for weapons.

U.S. airport security was further tightened after 9/11 when U.S. Homeland Security established the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide enhanced screening for possible weapons.

However, one man has proved the TSA pointless after he assembled a lethal weapon using a hodge-podge of items he purchased from an airport terminal's convenience store.

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15 Clever Packing Hacks for Your Next Out of Town Trip

Keep your all your important stuff safe, secure, and efficiently packed in your suitcase with these 15 foolproof packing hacks.

Packing is filled with mishaps, that sadly, we only realize once it's too late. Sometimes we forget to pack our essentials (like that high-SPF sunblock or those thick winter socks). Other times we end up with a mess of stuff that takes as long to unpack as it does to unpack. And for the frequent flyers out there, how many times have you packed up your toiletries, only for them to explode in your bag mid-flight?

To avoid those typical travel disasters, we've compiled a couple of travel tips that will definitely come in handy. So the next time you're heading out for a vacation or even a business trip, keep these packing hacks in mind.

1. Stuff your hats with clothes so they don't get deformed in your luggage.

1. Stuff your hats with clothes so they don't get deformed in your luggage.

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