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OMG… She made Her 4-year-old Child Feed Six Full Grown Pit Bulls just to Prove a Point!





If you are planning to keep a dog in your house as a pet, to keep you company and for any reason, you might want to understand and consider first the dog’s breed, its behavior, characteristics and special skills that can be honed before getting one. This is because dogs are also animals that have their own instinct and nature.  Such instincts can be harmful, dangerous and disruptive.  And if not understood, these instincts will just flow naturally from dogs.  But what is wonderful about it, is that dogs have more delightful and astonishing instincts such as their capacity to be easily trained and honed than the negative side of the dogs.  Well, dogs will not be called as man’s best friends for no reason at all.  Right?  Dogs are wonderful animals.

One concrete example that dogs are wonderful animals no matter what kind of breed they are; you may want to check the video!  Yeah, those are six full grown Pit Bulls who are all waiting for their meal.  And for sure, most experts will advise not to play with hungry dogs, especially Pit Bulls which is widely known as a “bad dog breed”.  At some point, what the eight year old child did in the video was quite dangerous.  She tried to feed the dogs in a different manner.  She spread the dog food on the floor while all the pit bulls were watching just few feet away from her. What happened next made me almost pee my pants!

Watch the video and see for yourself how it turns out:

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A lot of people believed this situation could be incredibly dangerous. They said Pit Bulls can turn on anyone at any time and they can surely cause a lot of damage. If you’re a responsible parent, you would never risk your very own child, putting her in that dangerous situation just to prove a point. What if a child makes some mistakes and something went wrong? Most people argued that good training helps but is NOT guaranteed to work all the time.

However, there are also quite a lot of people who believes that dogs need our love and attention. If you value them so much, maybe, they will never do something that will hurt you no matter what the situation is. After all, they are man’s best friend. Who knows, they might save your life someday!

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