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4 Breakfast Myths That Should Be Debunked Now


Never leave home without eating breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day. We’ve heard this not just from our parents but even from our teachers at school.

However, dietitians Maika Escandon and Laury Ellingson mentioned that all meals are of equal value. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should go about your day skipping your morning meal. In fact, studies show that eating breakfast can lower the risk of heart disease in women.

#1. Drinking juice is good for your health.

Having juice is good for your health

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Yes, juice is good for you. But eating the actual fruit is even better. According to Escandon:

“I would recommend eating an actual piece of fruit, because you’ll have a better sense of satiety — it takes longer to chew a piece of fruit than to drink 4oz of juice. Plus, fruit has more fiber.”

So the next time you think of drinking juice, you might want to reconsider and chomp down on the fruit version instead.

#2. Carbs are bad.

Carbs are bad

This may ring true of carbs that come from white bread and pastries, but it’s different for bread or pasta that is made from 100% whole wheat or whole grains.

“Some carbs are definitely better for you than others. Whole grains are good: 100% whole-wheat bread, English muffins, and bagels, paired with some natural peanut butter, that’s a good breakfast. But the bread needs to say ‘whole wheat’ or preferably, ‘100% whole wheat’ on the packaging,” said Escandon.

#3. Cereal is empty calories.

Cereal is empty calories

This is not necessarily true of cereals that contain a lot of fiber. It should have at least 3g of fiber to keep you fuller longer throughout the day. Remember to stay away from cereals that contain a lot of sugar because it will only make you crash faster during the day.

#4. Coffee is bad for you.

Coffee is bad for you

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This is untrue as long as taken in moderation. A cup of coffee is fine, but to go over two cups may put you at risk. Coffee contains caffeine, which can cause anxiety and stress on your heart when too much is taken. And no, coffee alone is not considered breakfast already.

You might want to consider these choices when planning for your morning meals.

Wait. Hmmm. I think I can smell bacon.

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