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What Do People Have for Breakfast in These 25 Countries?

Check out what these 25 countries typically have for breakfast!

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. In this fast-paced world, a lot of people tend to skip breakfast just to avoid being late for work! But when you think about it, what people have for breakfast has a lot to say about their country’s culture.

So despite the fact that a lot of us tend to miss breakfast, here’s a look at what other people from all over the world are having for breakfast. Who knows, this might inspire you not to miss the day’s most important meal!

United States: Eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Or if they’re in rush, it’s usually just cereal!


Turkey: A LOT! Bread, cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, kaymac (clotted cream), sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage), and Turkish tea.


Mexico: Chilaquiles (tortilla chips submerged in spicy sauce) with fried egg and topings like avocado.


Russia: Sirniki (baked farmer’s cheese pancakes), or oatmeal and rye bread.


Portugal: Stuffed croissants or bread with jam and cheese, with coffee.


Korea: Rolled up omelettes with veggies and sometimes meat.


Scotland: A simple bowl of porridge.


Morocco: Breads with preserved fruits, cheese, butter, and a side of boiled egg.


Japan: Miso soup, steamed rice, Japanese pickles, fish, and sometimes natto (fermented soybeans).


Italy: Similar to the on-the-go breakfast, a cappuccino with biscotti.


India: Indli wada (cake made with fermented black lentils and rice) with chutney and sambar (lentil-based vegetable stew).


Poland: Bread rolls with an assortment of toppings like meat, sausage, cheese, butter, jam, and chocolate spread.


Philippines: Pandesal (bread roll made of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and salt) dipped in coffee with milk.


France: Pastries! Usually it’s a pan au chocolat (chocolate croissant) or a plain croissant with coffee.


Israel: Shakshuka, which is a dish with a sunny-side-up egg cooked in spicy tomato sauce, served on pita.


England: Fried eggs, sausage, bacon, and of course, beans!


Cuba: Cuban breakfasts are usually light, with some coffee with milk and tostada (grilled sliced bread with butter).


Germany: A variety of food like cold cuts, cheese, fresh rolls, butter and jam, and Nutella.


Indonesia: Nasi goreng – fried rice topped with fried egg, and sometimes with meat and seafood.


Colombia: Changua, a savory milk, scallion, and egg soup.


Pakistan: A hearty serving of Nihari, which is a stew made with beef sirloin and/or beef shanks.


Switzerland: Birchermüesli (raw oats and grains topped with dried and/or fresh fruit), served in either milk or yogurt.


China: It depends on the region, but it’s usually a variety of dim sum.


Brazil: Ham, cheese, and bread, with some coffee and milk.


Australia: Toast with some vegemite (a spread made from leftover brewer’s yeast).


Based on solely on their breakfast, which country do you want to visit?


  1. Dez A. Cue

    April 16, 2018 at 8:46 AM

    tuyo, red egg, pandesal and fried rice with coffee is our best breakfast lol

  2. Angie Jugos Nequia

    April 15, 2018 at 7:31 AM

    Pandesal is the first of breakfast next is Steam rice,grilled fish, egg,etc.

  3. Patricia Andrada

    April 15, 2018 at 3:02 AM

    Pandesal dipped in coffee is poor mans breakfast!

  4. Patricia Andrada

    April 15, 2018 at 2:47 AM

    Philippines not only pandesal but garlic rice and egg with tocino, beef tapa, or bangus.

    • Patricia Andrada

      April 15, 2018 at 7:09 AM

      Majority of people living in Manila eat pandesal as thier breakfast but most Filipino breakfast meal in the Philippines is rice(garlic fried rice or just plain) with(atleast any of these) egg(fried or boiled), dried fish, instant noodles or a left over food from last night. .

  5. Hams Dear

    April 14, 2018 at 11:11 PM

    Kooko and koose

  6. Boots Policarpio

    June 2, 2017 at 3:28 PM

    Philippines: all of that previously mentioned plus fried egg or salted egg and banana or papaya for dessert. Yes! 1200 cal. just for breakfast 😜. I 💙 the PHILIPPINES!

  7. Boots Policarpio

    March 5, 2018 at 7:15 AM

    Philippines: all of that previously mentioned plus fried egg or salted egg and banana or papaya for dessert. Yes! 1200 cal. just for breakfast 😜. I 💙 the PHILIPPINES!

  8. Myra Villar Dy

    June 1, 2017 at 11:05 PM

    Philippines: pandesal, coffee, rice, dried fish, fried rice, longganisa

  9. Myra Villar Dy

    March 5, 2018 at 10:36 AM

    Philippines: pandesal, coffee, rice, dried fish, fried rice, longganisa


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