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30 Awesome Stores That Used Creativity to Make Shopping More Fun

Store owners seriously need to implement some of these!


Shopping has become a routine for most of us but sometimes, there are things in grocery stores or shops that annoy us. It could be the overly-helpful assistant or the not-so organized shelves, among many others. This goes without saying that some supermarkets are so big they take you an hour or two just to find the milk section.

Apparently, though, not all stores are the same. Some, if not all of them, realize the importance of customer value and retention. Hence they’d go the extra mile just to guarantee a satisfying customer experience. Below are genius ideas found in different stores and supermarkets to give shopping extra fun. Check them out!

#1. Just some pre-made kits people can choose from.

#2. This should make reading a little bit more interesting.

#3. I seriously need this!

Source: Afrocean
#4. Just in case you’re bringing your pet with you when buying mattresses.

Source: Tirfing88
#5. An airport with a machine that prints short stories? Superb!

#6. Do you like help from the “overly-helpful assistant” or not?

Source: hand_
#7. Because the truth will set you free.

Source: Imgur
#8. A perfect place for parents who want to keep their kids healthy while shopping.

Source: theDirtyJJ
#9. A Walmart shopping cart with a GPS attached to it.

#10. This should solve 90 percent of our grocery problems.

Source: ssanchez22
#11. This store uses both sides of a receipt to save paper.

Source: baboeiii
#12. In case you need to inform the store owners that a trolley or two is broken.

#13. This store allows you to pick your own mushroom.

Source: BlondeRed
#14. What do you think about a live bee hive in a grocery store?

#15. This one, though.

#16. A Dutch supermarket lets their customers test the brand of toilet papers they sell.

Source: shishdem
#17. Shopping carts installed with magnifying glasses are perfect for the elderly.

Source: Budzink1
#18. You know, just in case you change your mind.

Source: tdes
#19. A winter simulator to test winter clothes? Oh boy, I need to experience this!

Source: j1ggy
#20. Perhaps you want to shop together with your buddy.

#21. This “Pick N Mix” frozen vegetable section in a Spanish supermarket is really genius.

Source: OhLottie
#22. How about live streaming the exact area where the vegetables grow?

#23. IKEA prices their umbrellas depending on the season.

#24. Seriously, this is a must-do for all supermarkets out there.

Source: ross01628
#25. Imagine a local farmer offering vending machines on a mall?

#26. This store offers confectionery checkouts for parents unwilling to have kids demanding that they buy some.

Source: TheEvilton
#27. This device is installed in a shop to allow customers to see how good or bad they look in different shade of lights.

Source: Peachpai
#28. Remember when your mom or friend just drags you for a grocery spree? Well, this store has a bar to keep you from being bored.

Source: BzRic
#29. This sign at a gun store is crazy genius.

Source: podobroto
#30. This shelf keeps you from spilling your coffee while opening the door.

Source: yelahneb


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