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30 Bitter Truths By Truth Potato That Are Too Relatable





Our environment, circumstances, and the bitter truths we face in our lives mostly define our reality. It’s not always pleasant as sometimes the truth hurts, and it’s a sad part of life that you have to accept.

Hearing the truth is not always fun, and more often than not, you’ll think that people who told you the harsh realities are simply hating on you. So why not hear it from an adorable potato with awkwardly tiny hands and button eyes? Here are 30 bitter truths by Truth Potato that are just too relatable.































The Truth Potato, who is often accompanied by his friends, Gajar Khan (the carrot) and Jorge (the tomato), is a smart dagger that shows you the mirror that puts truth in front. These truths can be harsh, but the simple style of the illustration makes it somehow easier to accept them.

The Truth Potato may be an odd choice of character to give us wisdom, but it is there to remind us about important matters that we already know, but we usually overlook.

The truth is hard. It is not a kind place. However, in order to learn and grow, we must face our biggest fear, which is the truth.

People tend to turn their backs on the truth as it is most of the time very painful. This is where the Truth Potato comes in to tell you things that you needed to hear but didn’t want to.

The Truth Potato has a goal to try and mash his opinions in all of our faces. We won’t be able to deny the power of his words for much longer, it all makes sense – some positive, some a little more depressing.

But if you need to hear some harsh truths, there’s no better way than hearing them from an adorable Truth Potato.

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