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27 Photos Of Realistic Sand Art





There are so many creative people in the world, and sometimes the classic pencil and paper just don’t cut it for their wild imagination anymore. Now, you can see art everywhere, even at the beach, which is called a sand art.

Sand art is the practice of modeling sand into an artistic form. While most of us are still trying to make a decent sand castle, sand artists have already taken things to a whole new level and created sculptures, portraits, and more with sand! Here are 27 photos of realistic sand art that you should see to believe.

1. You don’t need a Golden Ticket to experience this masterpiece.

2. The gift of life.

3. Simply beautiful.

4. This is unreal!

5. Mother and child.

6. Transporting from macros to micros.

7. Who wants some bananas?

8. Sandcastle on steroids.

9. A sand cathedral.

10. Waiting for the train.

11. Another angle. Still amazing.

12. This is quite terrifying.

13. Holidays are coming!

14. Star Wars fans would give this a thumbs up.

15. Just a lazy cat.

16. Dancing snake.

17. A fairy tale sand castle.

18. Your childhood transformed in sand.

19. Sleeping baby.

20. I hope he remembers that “Fish are friends not food.” Humans, too.

21. It looks so real that I can even hear the wall breaking.

22. Uh oh. Someone got out of the carnival trailer.

23. For all the cat lovers out there.

24. Merging into the sand.

25. Falling apart.

26. The story of Vietinam’s Au Co.

27. Safe and sound.

Most of these sand arts are made for days by multiple sand artists. While these creations are absolutely beautiful, one of the downsides of sand art is that you can’t keep them forever.

Thankfully, people document these masterpieces through pictures and videos. However, the best way to appreciate them is witnessing them in real life. But just in case you don’t get to see these sand arts in actual yet, you can enjoy this list for now.

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