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26 Struggles that Kids Today Will Never Understand






There is no doubt that we now live in a fast-paced world dominated by technology. Mobile phones, laptops, the internet, robots – all these and more prove that man and technology have come a long way.

But before there were MacBooks, PS4s, and android phones, life was pretty simple, and the most basic gadgets can give someone superb satisfaction.

Let’s look a few years back and reminisce how it felt like when Windows 95 and Nokia 3310 phones were the coolest.

1. When internet access was worth half your dad’s paycheck.


2. The search for the perfect CD

3. The greatest fear when burning discs

4. Your CD’s worst nightmare

Source: musely
5. Do you remember?

6. When Solitaire saved you from boredom.

7. Pinball was there for you, too.

8. Because your ringtone is epic.

9. Yep, come back when you’re 55 or something.

Source: mensxp
10. When VCRs kept you company

11. And when you have to do this

12. To be able to watch this

13. And cry when this happens

14. The five most dreaded words at the time

15. Please wait until 9

16. That gut-wrenching feeling when you narrowly miss your favorite cartoons

17. Actually printing a map or directions and using them to find your way

Source: Mapquest
18. Getting stuck with this horror for 30 minutes

19. The texting struggle

20. The Gameboy predicament

21. Limewire and fake songs

22. The struggle is real.

23. Dusting your balls

Source: reddit
24. Every darn time.

25. Manually turning off your desktop pc

Source: tunderscorem
26. When phone batteries were forever

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