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25 Unbearably Delicious Burgers You Need To Try





Our likes and dislikes in life differ from one another. Some might fancy cars, while others enjoy travelling. Some might like to collect baseball cards, while others resort to video gaming. But I believe when it comes to burgers, we’re all on the same page. We just love this sexy, voluptuous kind of food. (Ah, I’m already hungry!).

Aside from pizza, people have grown a certain kind of affection towards burgers. They’re easily temped by their mouthwatering cheese and packed meat. And while we may have our own favorite set up, there are actually a good number of burgers from around the world that are worth trying.

Well, without further ado, you can check them out below!

#25. Royale Eatery Burger – Cape Town, South Africa

Source: Intripi

People who know Royale Eatery often describe their burger as super juicy. While the bun is always 100 percent fresh and the toppings are rich with flavor, the meat is always on the spotlight. Apparently, though, some critics are suggesting that the owners need to supersize their burgers to make the eating experience worth it. Nevertheless, it’s a must-try for every foodie out there!

#24. Buckhorn Burger – San Antonio, Texas

If you’ve been looking for the meatiest and spiciest burger, then look no further in San Antonio, Texas. Buckhorn Burger there is stealing the show. It’s packed with chili peppers and spicy Mexican food, all prepared perfectly. You’ll never regret it.

#23. La Vaca Picada Burger – Madrid, Spain

Source: Gabworthy

Don’t visit Spain without trying La Vaca Picada’s burgers. They offer the most unique burger experience in town. It’s the best melted cheese in Madrid, topped with premium beef, fresh buns, and gourmet toppings. It’s so delicious that you might not notice its spiciness.

#22. The Gordon Ramsay Burger – Las Vegas, Nevada

Of course, this list is unacceptable without including the titular Gordon Ramsay burger. It was perfected by the infamous chef himself. Mentioning his name alone is enough to convince you to give this burger a try.

#21. Luger Burger – Brooklyn, New York

Source: Reddit

Peter Luger has been in the meat industry since 1887. He became famous for his half-pound Luger Burger, which is made directly from the porterhouse and prime chuck roll trimmings. This is the kind of burger that you can risk sneaking out early from the office or school.

#20. The BBI – Berlin, Germany

It’s said that this burger is not only famous in Berlin, as it’s also heavily celebrated all over Germany. If you’re to give this a try, don’t forget to include the fries and potato wedges. This is the serving you need in your life.

#19. J.G. Melon Hamburger – Yorkville, New York

Source: Medium

It can’t be denied that this burger is incredibly tasty. The only catch, however, is it’s quite small and so it leaves some customers unsatisfied. Nonetheless, this one here is ideal for those who love meat and bacon.

#18. Sirloin Burger at Le Tub – Hollywood, Florida

For those who really donned the “burger journey,” they’ll really recommend this burger here. It’s made from 100 percent sirloin, and once you bite it, you can’t escape its spell. You’ll just keep coming back for more!

#17. Flippin’ Burger – Stockholm, Sweden

Source: TripAdvisor

Sweden is not only known for IKEA, Vikings, or even the critically-acclaimed band ABBA. It’s also known for its Flippin’ Burger. It’s even considered as one of the best burgers not only in the country, but also in the entire world.

#16. Red Mill Burgers Deluxe – Seattle, Washington

It’s said that Red Mill burgers make a person “em Big n’ Sloppy.” Well, judging from its look, it surely does. With its size, no one on Earth will really complain for not being satisfied or filled enough. Your Seattle experience is never complete without this beauty.

#15. Patty & Bun Ari Gold – London, England

Source: Ad Munch Co

The Ari Gold triumphs the competition with its near-perfect cooked patty, lettuce, gooey melted cheese, pickled onions, ketchup, and brioche bun, among others. If you want to add more flavors, you can pay for additional bacon. This one is worth every penny.

#14. The Attic Burger – Phoenix, Arizona

The Attic Burger is among the hottest things in Arizona when it comes to food. This is not to mention the fact that it is also where one can find the craftiest beer in the planet. Not convinced? Why do you think Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine mentioned the “Attic” in his song “Payphone?”

I’m at the Attic trying a burger. All of my taste I spent on you. Where have the times gone? Bo Bites, it’s all good. Let’s go and make a reservation for two.”

#13. The Great Burger – Tokyo, Japan

This wouldn’t be called “great” if it doesn’t taste great – and it really does. And yes, it’s a must for every burger lovers out there. It comes with two patties, a chunk of cheddar, tomato, fried eggs, bacon, and a whole lot more. You can’t really ask for more. It’s all packed.

#12. The Rustic Canyon Burger – Santa Monica, California

Based on the reviews, there’s no doubt that The Rustic Canyon cooks the best burger in all of Santa Monica. In fact, the famous line there is this:

Come to Rustic Canyon, get a burger, and you will realize your purpose in life – to eat burgers and feel awesome. Yihaaaaa!”

Sounds convincing, right?

#11. The Au Cheval Cheeseburger – Chicago, Illinois

Source: Au Cheval

According to List25, the Au Cheval Cheeseburger is the most perfect griddled burger in the entire United States. Its deliciousness is best showcase through simplicity. The patties, in particular, are wonderfully crusty.

#10. The Brave Burger – Athens, Greece

Source: Gabworthy

If you’re to visit Greece, then you better head to Athens and try the Brave Burger. You don’t really have to be brave; you just need to have the push. Now just droll on its perfection. It should be enough to convince you to try it.

#9. White Manna Cheeseburger – Hackensack, New Jersey

Source: NYC Food Guy

The White Manna Cheeseburger is an epitome of classic mid-twentieth century hamburger. And even in modern times, this continues to triumph in the competition. Its success is thanks to its craftiness and flavor.

#8. Fergburger – Queenstown, New Zealand

This burger joint is said to produce one of the best burgers in the planet. The joint opened in 2001, and since then, its popularity rose exponentially. Their burgers are well-known for tastefulness and juiciness, let alone how crunchy their patty is.

#7. PNY Burgers – Paris, France

Source: FastFood

PNY simply stands for Paris New York, and the owners all claim that everything they cook is made in-house on a regular basis. This covers the patty down the sauces. No wonder their burgers’ quality is top-notched.

#6. Heart Attack Grill Burger – Las Vegas, Nevada

Don’t worry – eating this burger wouldn’t result in a heart attack. But what makes this burger joint interesting is that nurses serve burgers, not waitresses. And believe it or not, if you don’t manage to finish your burger, these lovely ladies will spank you. I believe this is no longer a question of whether or not you should try it. It’s more of when are you going to try it.

#5. Louis’ Lunch Burger – New Haven, Connecticut

They say if you really want the real thing, then you better go straight to the roots. In the case of burgers, Louis’ Lunch in New Haven is their roots. Remember that they’ve been serving burgers for more than a century already. And even with the passing of time, their burgers never fail to amaze customers.

#4. The Counter Burger – Santa Monica, California

The Counter Burger’s ultra-decorated look should be enough to convince you it’s legit. Well, this goes without saying that Oprah herself recommended this burger. It’s even listed by a famous magazine as among the hamburgers you must try “before you die.”

#3. Sidetrack Bar and Grill Famous Burger – Ypsilanti, Michigan

Sidetrack Bar and Grill is home to the best burgers in America, but their Famous Burger is the main star. GQ itself named it as the number one burger in the planet. So if you happen to get lost in Michigan, don’t forget to visit this burger joint.

#2. The Husk Cheeseburger – Charleston, South Carolina

Source: Food

It’s been the owner’s quest to make the perfect burger, and he’s been doing this for years now. And according to satisfied customers, he finally achieved it. This is where the Husk Cheeseburger comes in. If you want to agree with what people are saying, then better hop on and give this burger a try.

#1. Holeman & Finch Public House’s Double Cheeseburger – Atlanta, Georgia

This one here has every reason to be on the number one spot. First and foremost, the guy who made this burger named Chef Linton Hopkins was suffering from cancer when making it. He said that it was the only food he didn’t lose appetite while he was in the darkest days of his life. The burger’s popularity is so extreme that he intentionally limited its availability to allow people to order other burgers on the menu.

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