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25 Positive Things That Are Happening All Over The World Right Now





The past year was crazy. Terrorist attacks, murders, wars, bombings and all sorts of negative news have been all over social media and news outlets. You’d think that there’s nothing good in this world anymore. The real deal is that there are so many good and positive things happening and are not picked up by media.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a short list of positive stuff happening all over the world.

25. If you can read this, you're part of the 84% literate. Back in the 1850s, only 10% can read.

Source: Pexels
24. We actually have more than enough oil than what major oil companies are saying.

23. Polio is near eradication due to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Source: Wikimedia
22. Universal basic income is currently being tested in the countries of Switzerland, Canada and Finland.

Source: Pexels
21. Burma has finally had its very first democratically elected prime minister in over 50 years. Isn’t that amazing?

Source: dany13
20. Nearly all of the United Nations’ Millenium Goals were met between 2000 and 2015. Disease prevention, prevention of war and violence and decrease in hunger were some of the goals that have been eradicated.

Source: sanjitbakshi
19. Death due to malaria have significantly lessened in 2015, from 839,000 in 2000 to 438,000.

Source: Wikimedia
18. Emergency medical systems have become more accessible to so many people.

Source: Wikimedia
17. Google fiber is continuously expanding to so many cities. Lightning fast internet is soon going to be possible.

Source: Pexels
16. The unemployment rate in the US is at 4.9% and is one of the lowest in the world. The world economy is continuously expanding and moving forward slowly but surely.

Source: Pixabay
15. Despite the news reports we watch, murder rates in the US are significantly lower now than in the 80s and 90s.

Source: Wikimedia
14. There is a significant increase in sources of renewable energy. Germany had only 6% renewables in the year 2000. In 2015, they increased to 33%.

Source: Pexels
13. Because of the internet, there are more and more children who now have access to information to further their education.

Source: Wikimedia
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