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22 Funny Optimistic People Who Made The Best Out Of Terrible Situations

We’ve all heard that proverbial phrase that tells us to make lemonades when life gives us lemons. It’s a reminder about keeping an optimistic attitude in life even, and perhaps especially, when things go wrong.

And yes, things in life can sometimes take a terrible turn and we’ll be left without a choice but to deal with our difficulties.

The photos below show us that it is definitely possible to stay positive even when you crack your smartphone screen, get stuck in the flood, or when your spouse leaves you for someone else. In the end, it all boils down on how you choose to react.

Clearly, we could all benefit from following the examples of these people.

Go check out the funny photos now and see for yourself:

#1. This wallpaper makes perfect sense.

Source: reddit
#2. ‘Tis but a scratch!

Source: imgur
#3. Freezing cold outside? Great!

Source: reddit
#4. A new perspective about the Lance Armstrong drug controversy.

Source: reddit
#5. Flooded streets make a wonderful swimming pool.

Source: reddit

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