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19-Year-Old Model Auctioned Virginity For 2.5M Euro, Says It’s Like A Dream Come True

A U.S. teen model auctioned her virginity, collecting 2.5 million euros from the winning bidder.

Donna Marie Padua





Although some people still find it a taboo, 19-year-old Giselle chose to be practical and auctioned her virginity in exchange for multi-million money. Now, she’s all set to meet her buyer and enjoy the money she will be getting from selling her first time experience.

The U.S. model placed her virginity for bidding on the controversial auction website, Cinderella Escorts. Apparently, many were interested to buy her for sex where an Abu Dhabi-based businessman won her virginity for 2.5 million euros (over $2.9 M). This beats the $2.4 million offer from an unnamed Hollywood actor and the $1.8 million offer from a Russian politician.

Cinderella Escorts just sold another virgin online.

Giselle feels satisfied with the winning bid and says in a statement that it was actually a “dream come true.” The teenager also tries to share a logical reason for her decision for those who find the auction unacceptable, saying:

“Every woman has to decide on her own if it is worth to give her virginity for free to a boyfriend who maybe, later on, will break up with her, rather than selling it.

But I made my decision and now I can study wherever I want, buy a new house and travel around the world. It gives me a lot of opportunities.”

The choice was made by Giselle and finding a buyer for her is like a dream come true.

She continues to explain that the trend for selling virginity is “a form of emancipation,” and says she’s shocked to find out that there are still people in this generation who are against it. She continued:

“In other words, these people want to tell you what to do with your body as a woman, but they accuse somebody who is selling it of being against emancipation. This is absurd. The fact that women can do what they want with their bodies and have the courage to live their sexuality free against the critics sets a sign for emancipation.”

A businessman from Abu Dhabi bought Giselle for 2.5 million euros which the teenager said she will use for schooling, buying a house and traveling around the world.

Giselle feels secured from choosing to be a part of Cinderella escorts for her intention. She said the site already booked a hotel in Germany where she will be meeting with the buyer. She also said that Cinderella Escorts will accompany her to the hotel and will stay close in case of problems. She also said that she still has the opportunity to cancel the meeting anytime, but she is confident that she can pull it off. She also revealed that she was able to talk with the buyer before and they were sympathetic to each other.

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The site extends support to girls from Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, the Arab countries and Asia, who, like Giselle, wish to auction their virginity. The site says they were “glad that we were able to help Giselle because we understood her dream and her motives”. The site continues:

“And on the other hand, the high bidding for Giselle’s auction shows us how high the demand for virgins is. Business people from all over the world have been bidding. Cinderella Escorts has only allowed about 40 virgins on our website so far, because of a long process.”

Giselle’s meet up with her buyer is already being set by Cinderella Escorts which will happen in Germany.

Cinderella Escorts says it makes sure that the girls who auction with them do not have psychological problems, are matured and that they are fully aware of what they desire. Hence, they let the girls see a psychologist before any auction is done. The site also says they only allow the girls to have sex with condoms to ensure safety.

The site makes 20% commission to every successful auction. Men who win the biddings will have to deposit 40% of the total to the Cinderella Escorts’ bank account and the remaining balance will be paid in cash to the women.

The founder of the virginity auction site was recently revealed as the 26-year-old Jan Zakobielski who still lives with his mother. He defends his business saying:

“No one makes these young women do anything they don’t want to do…They have their own minds and their own opinions on sexuality. We also reject girls where we feel that someone else is behind it and they do not want to sell their virginity on their own.”


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Ariana is 20 and wants to be a doctor.

Ariana is 20 and wants to be a doctor.

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An 18-year-old lady who put her virginity up for online auction just sold her “merchandise” to the highest bidder. The buyer, an unknown businessman from Hongkong, bought it for 2.3 million euros or about £2 million.

Alexandra Kefren partnered with Cinderella Escorts, an escort agency known worldwide, in conducting the said auction. According to Kefren, she already had a “very friendly” conversation with her “buyer” and their hotel has already been booked.

Kefren opted to take a practical approach in dealing with giving up her virginity. She said:

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Sex has always been a significant part of our society since time immemorial. While it is still very present today, many have tried to incorporate sex in various ways. Some do it for fun, while others simply do it for the sake of, well, money.

If you have heard the name Cinderella Escorts, then you are probably aware of their works. This dark auction site has become infamous for funding students’ education through sex. And just recently, two students – both from Holland – have become the latest additions to the company’s portfolio.

These two girls decided to join the site to auction their virginity.

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Russian Beauty Queen Flies to Dubai to Sell Her Virginity for $13,000

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Anna Feschenko has her whole life ahead of her after being the first runner up for Miss Moscow.

Anna Feschenko has her whole life ahead of her after being the first runner up for Miss Moscow.

She told friends that her flight to the UAE was a prize from the contest, which wasn’t true at all. She simply wanted to sell her virginity for the hefty price of £10,000 to be able to afford a university education in Moscow.

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These specialist dealers, as they are being referred to in a report that appeared in Bumaga, scout teen, virgin women and arrange for them to meet with wealthy businessmen. The report also claimed that these specialists will take home a portion of the fee for making the arrangements. Some of them are reportedly making thousands of pounds for each successful pairing.

This practice of selling virginity, however, not just involves a middleman.

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Katherine Stone has made a deal to give 50% of her earnings to the brothel.

Katherine Stone has made a deal to give 50% of her earnings to the brothel.

To convince her chosen brothel to go with her plan, she has decided to give 50% of the profits to the owner of the brothel.

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