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Russian ‘Virginity Dealers’ Recruit And Sell Young Girls To Wealthy Businessmen

Some women even put up their own adverts.

We’ve heard about women auctioning off their virginity. Anyone who bids the highest gets to sleep with a virgin girl. In Russia, however, ladies as young as 17 are being recruited and then paired up with rich men online.

These specialist dealers, as they are being referred to in a report that appeared in Bumaga, scout teen, virgin women and arrange for them to meet with wealthy businessmen. The report also claimed that these specialists will take home a portion of the fee for making the arrangements. Some of them are reportedly making thousands of pounds for each successful pairing.

This practice of selling virginity, however, not just involves a middleman.

Source: East2West
Apparently, women are even doing it themselves.

Source: East2West
This hotel room is where one 18-year-old allegedly lost her virginity.

Source: Will Stewart

In other cases, young women put up their own ads online, promising adult, rich men on dating websites and forums the “right to the first night.” For instance, a forum called Bad Girls Club had an advert for interested girls who might want to sell their virginity.

This ad is paired with a photo of a girl wearing a lingerie sitting provocatively on the bed.

The ad reads:

“Looking for virgin girls under 19. Smart, beautiful, charming, from any cities in Russia. We pay tickets to Moscow and back, 1-2 days. Type of girls – as on the photo.”

Another forum, Desperate Virgins' Club had thousands of female subscribers.

The report also exposed another forum on social media called Desperate Virgins’ Club, which surprisingly has thousands of girls signing up with them.

Girls as young as 17 would put up an advert that they’re selling their virginity

Source: East2West
Interested clients should send a private message to know more details.

Source: East2West
This girl was 17 when she flew to Dubai to sell her virginity.

Source: East2West
Some of the dealers would also entice other girls by boasting about the wealth that comes from selling virginity.

Source: East2West

While this deed is easily considered prostitution and will be frowned upon, some girls believe it’s not wrong. There are actually those who are looking to have a relationship with the man they’ll meet online and have their “first time” with. Different girls have different reasons why they’re doing it.

One girl admitted she did it to earn money to pay for her mother's cancer treatments.

Source: East2West
Another did it to have the capital to start a business.

Source: East2West

Women who join the industry must present a medical certificate that will prove they are virgins. But somehow, there’s a way to cheat that and it involves a surgical procedure that will restore the hymen according to the Bumaga report.

These ladies will then trick men into believing they are still virgins and will profit from it. Because the industry is lucrative, there is a rise in the number of women who go for the hymen restoration. Lancet Surgery Center general director Sergey Chumakov can attest to how popular the procedure is.

“Many have this surgery done several times. I know there were cases when a girl had this surgery done 15 times.”


Gamer’s Rectum Falls Out After Playing Phone Games On the Toilet For 30 Minutes

A doctor diagnosed his condition to be extremely severe.

Reports are coming in that a man from Southeast China was brought to the hospital after his rectum fell out of his body. The unnamed man, who was rushed in the middle of the night, was said to be using his phone to play games while on the toilet for half an hour.

According to the attending doctor, he was sitting on the toilet, trying to poop, when his rectum suddenly fell. A massive lump was reportedly found which measures around 16 centimeters long. It was sticking out of his anus and thus required surgery to be removed.

Man’s rectum fell out when he spent too long playing phone games on the toilet.

He noticed his rectum had fallen out of his body.


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Cryptocurrency Company Scams Investors, Leaving The Word ‘P***s’

It’s unclear how much the company scammed from its investors.

A new startup cryptocurrency company disappeared with millions and left the word "penis" scribbled on its website. Prodeum, a not-so-popular cryptocurrency project built on Ethereum, claimed to be from Lithuania.

The company said it's developing a system to use blockchain for agricultural products, like vegetables and fruits. It uses the crypto technology to ascertain the delivery of fresh vegetables, with its own coin offering.

Prodeum left the word "penis" on its website.

Many reports stated that the company has scammed millions from its investors, but it's still unclear how much the amount really is. ...

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Dutch Police Confiscate Expensive Clothes from People Who Look Too Poor to Wear Them

All in hopes of reducing crime

The police in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands are taking a novel and controversial approach to reducing crime in their neighborhoods. In a trial scheme, police officers will start confiscating expensive-looking clothes and jewellery from people who look too poor to wear them and won't be able to prove how they legally obtained the items. They are particularly targeting gangs composed of young men.

The officers will be asking questions about how the suspects got their pricey clothes and accessories. The police will be on the lookout for items like Rolex watches, Gucci jackets, and the like. If the suspects fail to provide clear answers, especially as to how they paid for the merchandise, the officers will then confiscate the items.

The program will run for a limited time and will be done in collaboration with the public prosecution department.

Source: Pixabay

A spokesperson for the department was quoted as saying: ...

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