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17 Crafty Designs That Showcase The Endless Possibilities Of Creativity





Creative people have a fascinating way of looking at things from a completely different perspective. Because of this, they are able to create innovative inventions. It goes without saying, but we owe our quality of life to their vision.

People with creative mind tend to create something genius out of mundane things. Not only that, but they are also capable of smoothing out hassles and inconveniences which this list will show you. From a simple tweak to a hair salon cover, to a burn scar visual remedy, bask yourselves with creative juices through these crafty designs.

1. Transparent window on a hair salon cover that allows you to check your phone while getting a haircut.

2. A unique dressing room that allows you to select a specific lighting option.

3. An amazing bar with a locker room designated for your phone to make sure it’s safe.

4. Non-spoilery way of choosing a book to read.

5. Animal rescue deck

6. Have a snack in this supermarket by making a 25 cents deposit.

7. This school has an amazing parking space for skateboards.

8. Japanese toilet that allows you to play music to cover the noise you do when doing the “business.”

9. A designated shelf for those who change their mind about an item they carried all the way to the cashier.

10. Innovative shower thermometer

11. Forget about heels and get these special dancing shoes instead!

12. This carton has a neat indicator that lets you know how many glasses of juice you have left.

13. Flower vending machine.

14. A mobile sauna in Budapest.

15. A notebook with carved hole for your pen.

16. Coconut drink with a pull top similar to a typical beverage cans.

17. Creative head tattoo in an otherwise unpleasant burn scar.

Awesome, isn’t it? And they say that creativity and passion is dead in this age dominated by technology.

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