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15 Tattoos With Dangerous Meanings





While many people think that getting tattoos is just a matter of self-expression, there are also those who believe there’s more to body art than simply that.

Every tattoo is a statement. Also, most tattoos have a special meaning behind them.

Here are 15 dangerous tattoos most people probably don’t know the meaning of.

1. Tear

A tear tattoo under the right eye means the person killed someone.

2. Buddha

Buddhist countries consider a picture of a god tattooed on the body as blasphemy.

3. Yakuza

Only those who are part of the Yakuza are supposed to have this tattoo.

4. Shamrock

We connect clovers as luck. But if you only have three leaves, this means that you are a part of the Aryan Brotherhood, which is a white supremacist prison gang.

5. Barbed wire

This tattoo means that the owner was convicted.

6. Snarling predators

In the criminal world, those who have a predatorial kind of tattoo means they are violent.

7. Rings on fingers

This tattoo means that a convict is considered a respected person in prison.

8. Cross on the chest

Dangerous criminals in Russia get this tattoo.

9. Spiderweb

A spiderweb tattoo means the owner is convicted for quite a long time and had a drug addiction.

10. The five-point crown

The five points crown is a representation of the Latin Kings gang in the U.S.

11. Three dots

This innocent-looking tattoo means Mi Vida loca (My crazy life).

12. Stars

If they are tattooed on the knees, the person will never submit. But if they are tattooed on the shoulders, it means power and respect.

13. Playing cards

These cards can reveal what kind of convict the owner is and who he is in prison.

14. Rose with dagger

This tattoo is done by a convict who went to prison before turning the legal age.

15. Clown

In Brazil, only people who’ve kil led a police officer get this tattoo.

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