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15 Month-Old Baby Had a Cute Argument with Her Daddy





Having an argument with your parents is just normal in the family. From time to time, there will be disagreement, indifference and conflicting opinions. Arguments are very helpful since it can pave a way for everyone to express themselves. Parents should be very open to this. Otherwise, their children will most likely become very eager to leave the house as soon as they reach the legal age. It might lead to disagreement and dispute but what the heck, it is part of being a family. What is important is that you teach them how it should be and help them express their minds and hearts, to voice out their opinion and ideas. Believe me, they will thank you for that when they get old.

Just like this father-daughter argument in the video. Lola was doing an argument with her dad. Her dad asked her to get down from the table because it’s not safe. With some gibberish, Lola argued with her dad about that simple matter. Well, I couldn’t really understand what Lola is trying to say because she’s just a 15-month-old baby. But it’s so amusing to watch a baby argued with her dad.

Watch the adorable video:

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