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14 Most Humiliating Status Updates Accidentally Posted on Facebook





All of us have one or many Facebook statuses that we wish we didn’t post for all the world to see. We’re talking about posts that we have consciously written and REALLY planned to share, but later regretted that we did. But do you know what’s worse than these posts? Those that you accidentally posted. Words that you were supposed to type on Google search but somehow typed them on the FB status bar and then you pressed enter. Or feeds that were linked to your Spotify account, which broadcasted ALL the stuff you’ve been listening to, like pr0n sound effects.

Yep, embarrassing as sh*t. Here’s 14 of some of the most humiliating status updates that were accidentally posted on Facebook.

#1. Something smells funky.

#2. Crabs all over your status.

#3. What’s spurting?

#4. So is there a difference between white female orgasm and ebony orgasm?

#5. Musicians smashing each other

#6. It’s not a secret anymore.

#7. Uh…nope. Just spreading jizz awareness, y’all!

#8. Wrong spelling! How embarrassing!

#9. So…does it produce glow-in-the-dark jizz?

#10. Someone check his uh, work.

#11. Busteeeed!

#12. “This is how I met your mother.”

#13. Well, give him an A for effort.

#14. Hahahaha.

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