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12 Treehouse Hotels That Can Make Your Childhood Dream Come True





When we think of a tree house, we often connect it to a place for children in the backyard. As kids, most of us have dreamed of having a treehouse as a haven – a place where we could establish a top-secret clubhouse away from everyone else, most especially our parents.

Luckily, those treehouses for kids have morphed into places for adults as well. Here are 12 Treehouse hotels that will make your childhood dreams come true.

1. The Mohicans — Glenmont, Ohio

2. La Piantata — Arlena di Castro, Italy

3. Hapuka Lodge + Tree Houses — Kaikoura, New Zealand

4. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel — Rovaniemi, Finland

5. Tree House Lodge — Playa Punta Uva, Costa Rica

6. Cypress Valley Canopy Tours — Spicewood, Texas

7. Treehouse Point — Fall City, Washington

8. Treehotel — Harads, Sweden

9. Secluded Intown Treehouse — Atlanta, Georgia

10. Adirondack Tree House Retreat — Middle Grove, New York

11. Tropical Tree House – Hawaii

12. Moose Meadow Lodge – Vermont

We bet you’ve always wanted to run away and live in a treehouse in the middle of the forest as a kid, right? Well, now you can! If you haven’t yet outgrown your treehouse dreams, here’s your chance to spend the night in one! There are numerous hotels and vacation rentals that are now offering fabulous treehouse accommodations.

Meanwhile, the treehouse posted below are not hotels but they are too beautiful and unique not to add to the list.

Check them out here:

13. Mirror Cube Tree House – Sweden

14. The HemLoft Treehouse – Whistler, Canada

15. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant – Auckland, New Zealand

16. Senior Center Turned Treehouse – Ghent, Belgium

17. Plane Treehouse – Costa Rica

18. Teahouse Tetsu – Yamanashi, Japan

19. Castle Tree House – France

20. Backyard Tree House – Texas

Treehouses are indeed symbolic to childhood’s perfect place of solitude and haven from the rest of the world. However, even adults will do anything to enjoy that amazing solace in the form of this childhood favorite.

Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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