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Dad Builds Epic Indoor Treehouse For His Kids

It took him 8 months to finish – and the outcome is truly amazing!

Mark Andrew




  • Jared Geddes of Maple Valley, Washington took his passion for woodworking into the next level by creating an indoor treehouse for his four sons.
  • The project took 8 months to complete.
  • The timelapse video went viral online as as it attracted numerous views on YouTube.

Although he is a Boeing mechanical engineer by profession, Jared Geddes considers woodworking as a favorite hobby. In fact, he often spends time doing various projects after office hours and runs a YouTube channel called The Evening Woodworker

This father from Maple Valley, Washington caught some online attention after building a unique indoor treehouse for his four sons just for fun – and the result has totally amazed netizens everywhere.

What an epic treehouse!

In a Seattle Refined feature, we learn that the treehouse took Jared 8 months to finish as he was only able to work on it after coming home from work.

Equipped with his passion, his trusty power tools, and a bit of help from his children, he was able to accomplish something truly impressive.

According to Jared, having a treehouse has been a dream since he was a child and he’s just glad he now made one for his boys.

He and his kids worked together to create the design. Among the treehouse features include a bucket pulley, a climbing net, a rope bridge, a wooden ladder, plus several hideouts and a trap door. It also has several small windows.

Jared said about the project:

“This has been a lot of fun to design and build, and especially to get the kids involved as well. I’ve been asked if the indoor treehouse is done.

“I don’t think it will ever really be done. Because there’s always be more things that I want to add or the kids want to add which makes it a fun project to do together.”

Watch the timelapse video here:

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