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12 Incredible Ways To Turn A Tiny Area Into Amazing Living Spaces





Not all of us live in a dreamy big mansion. In fact, little spaces have now become fashionable and widely designed by architects all over the world. It is quite incredible how small living spaces can actually be turned into amazing works of art.

Designing a small area certainly does not limit interior designers and architects to be creative. We collected some of the most amazing interiors that make tiny spaces a fancy place to live.

1. Black and White Classic

Simple in nature yet this design makes a pleasant and clean look in a small area. It makes the floor plan look spacious without losing that modern classic feel.

2. Japanese Style

This beautiful minimalist Japanese inspired design uses hidden storage to outsmart space, and the refined detail with less decoration is flawlessly neat.

3. An Open Plan

Perfect for bachelors and bachelorettes, this 420 square feet interior definitely a fantastic idea. Simple yet elegant and shall I say, I love it!

4. A Whole New Vertical Point of View.

This astonishing Brooklyn studio with high ceiling belongs to couple Erin and James. This 240 square feet area is definitely amazingly designed.

5. A Rectangular Space

Using a curtain to separate the bedroom and the living area is brilliant in every way.

6. Classical and Cozy

The fireplace and the choice of furniture make this interior really artistic. It also gives a comfortable and homey vibe.

7. Artistically Sophisticated

Designed by Nick Olsen, this space is filled with sophisticated yet elegant patterns.

8. Clever Use of Space

Turning the limited area below the bed into a mini office to save space is what makes this apartment so unique.

9. Smart Alternative

A stylish curtain for a partition is a great idea to give the bed some privacy from the rest of the area.

10. Bookworm Divider

Great for book lovers! The Ikea book case is a nice option to create a partition.

11. Like a Cabin

Built absolutely to make use of every space without sacrificing the comfort. A concept inspired by boat.

12. With a Touch of Suprise

A genius design to make a 24 square meter space functional and practical. Watch the video below and be surprised.

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These ideas are truly imaginative. Small spaces do not limit you. If you know how to utilize it, it will surely unleash your creativity.

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