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Hilarious Yet Savage Meanings Behind The Colors of Different Flags


When it comes to the art of jokes, perhaps nothing is as cliche as stereotypes. Examples of that, you say? All Italians love pasta or Chinese people eat dogs. Or Germans do not have any sense of humor!

Although very much predictable for the most part, some people on the internet used their creativity to present old jokes with new flavors, namely explaining the meaning of the colors behind different flags.

Some of the interpretations are downright silly while others seem to border in the slightly savage area. Of course, these jokes are obviously not meant to be taken seriously so if you think you can handle it, scroll down below and see for yourself:

#1. Italy

Accurate, you think? Well, we have an entire blog post that discusses this.

#2. United States of America

Shots fired at you, USA. Shots fired!

#3. Germany

Not one German citizen is laughing at this.

#4. Australia

“Mean animals”… LOL! That’s definitely spot on!

#5. Greece

This is sad!

#6. North Korea

Kim Jong-un dislikes this post.

#7. Brazil

Of course, this post will never be complete if we don’t make fun of Brazil and football.

#8. Soviet Union

Actually, yeah…

#9. France

Never surrender, France!

#10. Russia

Now Vladimir Putin dislikes this post as well!

#11. Another interpretation of Italy

Food, wine, and treachery.

#12. Somalia

Whatever happened to Somalia.

#13. Ireland

But I love potatoes (insert sad emoticon here).

#14. Japan

This is a bit depressing.

#15. Another take on Ireland

Leprechauns are awesome!

#16. One more strike at Germany

Well it’s what the history books tell us, at least.

#17. Chile

Sadly, yeah, Chile is often the victim of earthquakes.

#18. United Kingdom

Truly terrible!

Well what do you think about this compilation, folks? And do you know the “real” meaning of your flag’s colors? Let’s talk about it by hitting us up in the comment section below.

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