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104-Year-Old Grandma Finally Gets Bucket List Wish Of Being Arrested By Police

The police officers claimed she was the oldest “criminal” they have ever arrested!


Bucket lists are usually filled with wishes to travel the world or do fun activities. However, a 104-year-old grandmother had a truly unusual goal. She wanted to be arrested by the police because she has “never been on the wrong side of the law.”

Anne Brokenbrow is a resident at Stokeleigh Care Home in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, UK. She was one of the residents chosen to participate in a charity event called the Wishing Washing Line where senior citizens can get a wish fulfilled. However, Brokenbrow shocked the staff when she admitted that she wanted to be arrested by police officers.

Here is Brokenbrow’s unusual request
So that’s exactly what these police officers did.

Brokenbrow finally got her wish when PC Stephen Harding and his colleague PSCO Kelly Foyle came to the care home to arrest her. Not surprisingly, the former secretary did not resist and went with the police willingly. In fact, Brokenbrow was thrilled when the officers came for her.

She said:

“I had a lovely day it was interesting. Nothing like that ever happened to me before. They put the handcuffs on, I had the lot.

“What did it feel like being a criminal? Well, it will make me much more careful of what I say and do. But the police were very nice throughout.”

The officers were careful as they placed the handcuffs on Brokenbrow.
The staff said this was the first time anyone was arrested from the care home.

It may have been an unusual request but care home manager Alex says it fits perfectly with Brokenbrow’s sense of humor. He said:

“Anne has been a resident here over 10 months, she’s definitely a character – she’s got a beautiful and a great sense of humor. She usually brings a smile to the carers’ faces.

“We were a little bit surprised when she came up with her wish, who would expect from a 104-year-old to want to be arrested. But it’s been great.”

This grandma is certainly loving the criminal life!

What do you think of this awesome grandma’s bucket list wish? Let us know in the comments below.


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