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She Ordered 10,000 Bowls Of Porridge For Her Grandson. The Reason? I’m in Tears.





It is no secret how much we are loved by our mothers. They say that a mother’s love knows no bounds and it’s unconditional. I couldn’t agree more. Despite our shortcomings, mothers are known to be forgiving, patient and caring. In most instances, she will readily sacrifice anything she has for her child. For me, a mother is the best definition of love because “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours” and no one does that better than a mother.

This short film entitled Ten Thousand Bowls tells a story of a grandmother who gave everything for her grandson. Even if she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, it didn’t stop her from showing her love. She asked a relative to take care of him knowing she’ll be gone soon but her relative refused due to her grandson’s disability. She then bought ten thousand bowls of porridge from her boss and the reason behind it will make you appreciate and love your mother or grandmother even more.

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