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10 Vacation Secrets That Men Don’t Want You To Know

Boys will be boys.

Boys will be boys, whether they are in their turf or somewhere else. If you’ve been on a vacation with a man, you will discover that they tend to do stuff that he may not divulge with you beforehand.

So what do men tend to do when they are on vacation with women? You may have experienced some of these already.

1. Condoms will have top priority in his bag


Of course, he will have his shirts, shorts, some toiletries, and other vacation essentials in his bag. But trust that he will always leave space for condoms. If there’s only limited room in his bag and he needs to choose between another pair of shorts and condoms, he will leave the shorts home, no questions asked.

2. He prepared his body well for this

He is aware that there’s going to be lots and lots of action ahead. So he may spend some time at the gym or just psyche himself up mentally so he can deliver in the bedroom.

3. He wants his room service delivered after orgasm

For him, the best morning would be him opening the door to bacon and eggs after he just had a mighty orgasm. The ideal scenario for him would be him getting off you, putting on a robe, and opening the door to room service just in time.

4. There’s going to be a huge tip for housekeeping on your last day of stay


With all the filthy stuff he plans to do in the room with you, the hotel needs to torch the place afterwards. A huge tip for housekeeping is in order.

5. The “Do Not Disturb” sign will stay at the door all throughout your stay


You two are going to have s e x again and again and dirty up the place anyway so why bother letting them clean up the room?

6. He does have a limit

Even the randiest dude will need to rest after several sessions of hot and sticky s e x. Great vacations are also about getting the nicest sleeps in between s e x and sightseeing. Speaking of which…

7. Staying in is better than sightseeing

Of course, both of you will have to go out and explore outside the bedroom. But don’t be surprised if he would rather take a short day tour instead of a longer one; he just wants to get back into bed with you as soon as possible.

8. He will probably run out of clean clothes

If you suddenly notice him smelling like s e x while you’re out exploring museums, you already know the reason. Of course, he will be sorry about it.

9. His balls will be sore

All that freaky s e x will take its toll on his balls. Guaranteed.

10. He will avoid eye contact with your neighbors at the hotel

Because they know. They heard every damn thing.


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