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10 Reasons Why Traveling in Your 30s is Way Better than Traveling in Your 20s





Traveling is always an adventure worth-taking no matter your age or gender. It’s actually a better use of your money instead of purchasing unnecessary material things that won’t even give you memories to keep for up until you get really old.

There are certain differences, however, when you travel in your 30s than when you are in your 20s. It’s better, brighter and more eventful! Here are 10 reasons why:

1. You’re not so spontaneous

In your 20s: You just tend to pack your bags, get up and leave. It’s one long road trip with your friends.
In your 30s: Vacations are rare so you put more effort into making them awesome.

2. You learn your lesson about ugly accommodation.

In your 20s: Because you’re saving money, you don’t really care about hygienic beddings.
In your 30s: You want to make sure you don’t get bed bug bites and well, you have the resources for clean sheets.

3. You plan your gas stops.

In your 20s: Long road trips are always fun with friends. Stopping for gas can be a bother. Until you run out of fuel.
In your 30s: You learned your lesson that you plot out where to stop for gas without losing the vacay vibe.

4. You’re choosier where to go.

In your 20s: You just go where you feel like going without thinking if it will be worth the trip.
In your 30s: You only get a few days off from work so you make plans to travel to somewhere memories will last forever.

5. You’re likely to travel alone or as a couple.

In your 20s: Traveling with friends is a lot more fun than being alone to experience the surroundings.
In your 30s: You find it much better to travel alone or with just a travel buddy as you take in the sights and scenery.

6. You stop packing your entire wardrobe.

In your 20s: You tend to pack just about everything because “you can never be too sure”.
In your 30s: After years of traveling, you’ve come down to packing only the bare essentials without underpacking.

7. It’s nearly impossible to travel with friends.

In your 20s: Traveling without your squad is unlikely to happen. Ever. At. All.
In your 30s: Everyone has their own lives, that traveling now would probably involve your own family.

8. Couchsurfing is over.

In your 20s: Crashing at a stranger’s place is perfectly normal because it’s cheap and you get to “embrace the local culture”.
In your 30s: Sleeping at a stranger’s place is just too weird.

9. You’ll take in culture more than partying.

In your 20s: Because clubbing and the nightlife are more important.
In your 30s: Because museums, local spots and scenic places are the classy touristy things to do when traveling.

10. You need another day to recover.

In your 20s: There’s no such thing as a vacation hangover. It’s easy for you to get up and go back to your usual routine the day after.
In your 30s: You need another day of vacation in order to rest and get back to the daily grind.

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