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10 Of The World’s Breathtaking Movable Bridges





Movable bridges are built to allow boats or barges to pass through. However, with the arrival of modern technology and creative artistry, moveable bridges are becoming more of architectural masterpieces.

These bridges are spectacular with their function and design. Here are 10 of the most creative and breathtaking moveable bridges in the world:

1. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, UK

The world’s first and only tilting bridge. Made for pedestrians and cyclists, it tilts to allow river crafts to pass through. Also called as the Blinking Eye Bridge due to its shape which is similar to a blinking eye.

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2. Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands

This fully automatic tail bridge is located in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. This type of moveable bridge is more efficient and can let river crafts pass without stalling the road traffic for a long time.

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3. Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas, France

Europe’s most massive lift bridge is located in Bordeaux, France. This architectural wonder stands at a towering 77 meters and is a mix of aesthetics and technological prowess.

4. Vizcaya Bridge, Spain

More commonly called Puente Colgante or the “hanging bridge”, this transporter bridge is the oldest in the world, having been in operation since 1893.

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5. Puente De La Mujer, Argentina

One of the most famous landmarks of Buenos Aires in Argentina. This rotating footbridge, also called the “women’s bridge,” actually symbolizes a couple dancing the tango, the white mast representing the man, while the bridge’s curve represents the woman.

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6. River Hull Footbridge, UK

This incredible footbridge located in Yorkshire, UK is the first ever footbridge that can be ridden by pedestrians while it swings to allow to allow river traffic.

7. Horn Bridge, Germany

In Kiel, Germany is where you can find the world’s first ever 3 segmented folding bridge. This innovative creation folds into an “N” shape and is considered as a technical masterpiece.

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8. Foryd Harbour Bridge, UK

The iconic Foryd Harbour Bridge connects the resort town of Rhyl to Kinmel Bay in North Wales, UK. It folds into a “V” shape using pulleys and lifts cables.

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9. Submersible Bridges at Corinth Canal, Greece

While most movable bridges operate by raising its roadway to allow sea vessels to pass through, this unique submersible bridge in Corinth Canal does the opposite. It lowers the deck below the water to let ships and sea crafts to navigate the canal.

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10. El Ferdan Railway Bridge, Egypt

This swing bridge that spans the Suez Canal in Egypt is the world’s longest swing bridge with an extraordinary length of 1,100 feet.

These moving bridges are constructed to lower cost with high piers and approaches. It’s definitely a genius architectural art to be used both ways.

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