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10 Nasty Breakups That Brought Out The Worst In These Ex-Couples

This gives new meaning to the term “evil ex.”

It’s sad when a relationship ends. Most people will often go through several breakups in their lifetime. Sometimes, these partings are amicable. Other times, painful.

What’s unfortunate are the really unpleasant breakups that leave dreadful remnants which continue to haunt the couple. When this happens, all hell breaks loose, especially if one or both parties hold really deep grudges, and go all out to express that bad blood in the most obnoxious ways possible.

Here are the results of 10 extremely nasty breakups that’ll make you value your own relatively peaceful relationships. Or make you unimaginably grateful you’ve remained single:

#1. The strip club owner who splurged on a 12-foot-tall obscene gesture



He hated his ex-wife so much, he bought the house next door to her and installed a customized $7,000 middle finger statue trained at his ex’s front door. As a rude bonus, the statue had its own spotlight at night so she wouldn’t miss his sentiments even when the sun went down.

#2. The pyromaniac ex-girlfriend


Source: Endearingly

How satisfying is it to reduce your ex-boyfriend’s belongings to ash. Extremely so, apparently.

#3. The ex who wrecked his ride.


Source: Imgur

For this jilted female, breaking her ex’s car just before a long drive (presumably to leave her) is her way of saying, “you break my heart, I’ll break your car.”

#4. Cruelty to (stuffed) animals.


Source: Fansshare

What better way is there to get rid of all traces of a hated ex, than to burn their gifts. This poor teddy suffered the brunt of her temper.

#5. The ex who made it really impossible to drive away.


Source: Sagenote

This smart ex-girlfriend knew wrecking property might get her sued. So she didn’t destroy anything. She just made it next to futile for him to get into his car.

#6. The bitter half who left a sour taste in the mouth .


What better way to spite an ex by reminding them of some things they would rather just forget

#7. The ex who would rather do “bad things” than remain friends.


Their relationship must have been explosive. And not in a good way.

#8. The stalker who just can’t seem to let go.


This woman is obsessed. OBSESSED! If her ex hasn’t already gotten a restraining order and filed a breaking-and-entering suit, he’d be advised to move to another country and change his name.

#9. The woman who made sure her ex was left dazed and confused. And broke.


This smart girl gave the whole internet a free go on her ex’s credit card.

#10. Emily, who emptied their joint bank in revenge .


And made sure the whole world knew about it, too.

What’s your breakup story from hell?

H/T: Sarcasm


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Whenever I hear RiskyRobTV’s name, his epic gold digger pranks immediately come to mind. Remember that one where he handed a woman with a golden shovel? Yes, he’s that guy who did that. His stuff are absolutely hilarious!

For his new video, though, the popular YouTuber did a thought-provoking social experiment that gives us an insight on the sickening condition of our modern society. Rob enlisted the help of Maria, a model, who posed as a hot girl holding a sign that said “Want Money for Breast Implants.”

Rob, on the other hand, acted as a homeless man. He sat against a wall with a sign that read “Need Money For Food.”...

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