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10 Female Hollywood Celebrities Who Love Giving Sneak Peeks

Caution: Some NSFW photos up and down ahead!


Being a Hollywood star sometimes require wearing clothes that compromises the use of underwear for the sole purpose
of style. But then there are also celebrities who embrace the freedom of their bodies. Brassieres and panties are just clearly not a part of their style wardrobe.

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It is not clear, but with the recent fashion styles flaunted at different Hollywood gatherings, it seems like the “No Undies” or “Sheer Sneak Peek” style is the latest fashion trend. Here are some celebrities who are fans of #freethenipple campaign, or just loves the breezy unrestricted feeling down there. And of course, paparazzis frequently catch these stars going commando more than a couple of times.

Disclaimer: Caution, some photos are NSFW!

Kendall Jenner

Kendall has shot to fame with her blossoming career as a high fashion and editorial model. It is also said that she has since dethroned her half-sister Kim Kardashian as the darling of reality show. The 20-year old stunning model has left people in awe with her evolving fashion styles, some of which are risky enough for a “skendallous” (scandalous) snapshot.



It’s not just her voice that is sexy and sultry about Rhianna, she has that rocking body and a natural Barbados tan! This singer truly shines bright like a diamond when she flaunts her curves.


Photo credit:
Britney Spears

The original Disney gal turned sexy chick is Britney. Aside from her sexy dance moves, there are some “Oops I did (not wear)it again” moments for this singer.


Photo credit: /
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been known for her out-of-this world and unforgettable style choices. Remember her controversial meat dress before? Well this lady sure knows how to pull a Poker face even when going bare down there!

lady gaga-collage

Paris Hilton

Even before not wearing any underwear has been a Hollywood norm, Paris Hilton has already been photographed several times by paparazzi showing off her privates. Stars Are Blind as her recorded song goes… but definitely not us! Here is the Hilton Hotel heiress and socialite in classier no-undies fashion.
Paris-Hilton Collage

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UFC Champ Conor McGregor Spars with The Mountain from Game of Thrones

No skull-crushing, please!

Remember that so-freaking-hard-to-watch scene in Game of Thrones when Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane (played by Icelandic strongman Hafthór Björnsson) crushed Prince Oberin's skull with his bare hands? Yeah, I know it's just a TV show, but I couldn't help recalling that when I saw this video of Björnsson and UFC champ Conor McGregor doing some light sparring at the gym. One look at the huge size difference between the two and I was like, "Has McGregor gone insane or what?"

The UFC champ looks puny beside The Mountain.


Photo credit:
Crushing skulls just because he can.


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10 Celebrities With Strange Collections and Hobbies

Who would’ve guessed Captain Jack Sparrow is into Barbie dolls?

Every celebrity indeed has his or her own unique eccentricity. This is something we can learn about from the weird collections and hobbies of some of the biggest stars listed below. You’ll be surprised to discover that a well-known socialite loves chasing frogs or that a terror talent show judge is into climbing trees. Plus who would’ve guessed that a top A-list actor actually collects Barbie dolls?

So yes, these famous personalities we admire (or hate) are actually human beings with seemingly unlikely and out-of-character fascination for bizarre things.

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Boxer Pleads Referee To Stop The Fight After Pulverizing Helpless Opponent

After seeing that his bloody opponent cannot take the punches anymore, boxer pleaded with the referee to stop the fight already.

In a New Zealand boxing match held last week, heavyweight fighter Willis Meehan from Australia pleaded the referee amidst his sure victory - all because he was so worried about his clearly underdog opponent.

While throwing punches on New Zealander Leamy Tato, Meehan simultaneously spoke with the referee, expressing his concern.

In the controversial fight, Tato was seen failing to deliver, with blood splattered all over the place while receiving continuous punches on the head from Meehan.

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