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Nun In Training Quits Convent And Becomes Adult Film Star Instead





It’s definitely one of those strange career shifts that no one saw coming. Yudi Pineda, a woman from Itaungo, Colombia, was supposed to be a nun after she has spent almost a decade training in a convent for it.

She, however, eventually decided to give it up and be an adult movie actress instead. She has since stood by her decision, claiming she’s happy she went for it.

Source: CEN

In an interview, Yudi reflected how she was raised in a religious setting.

She shared:

“I went to Uraba and I was at school when nuns came to visit us, and I knew then that I wanted to do that.”

Source: CEN

Starting at 10 years old, Yudi trained at the convent and it went on for the next eight years. Although she was “very happy” with her life there, she later “fell in love” with her religious teacher and so she decided to quit.

While working for the Nestlé company in Medellín, she eventually met Juan Bustos, who works as a recruiter for adult webcam models. He invited her to work for him so she went for a casting call and was later hired.

Despite that, she continues to attend the local church.

Source: CEN

Yudi admitted:

“I feel good when I go to church. I feel a lot of peace and tranquillity when I’m there.

“I try to enter as decent as I can, and I do not miss the prayer group on Fridays, on Saturday vigils and on Sundays at Mass.”

Naturally, the priest tried to convince Yudi to turn her back on the job. She, however, decided to still go with it.

Source: CEN

Yudi believes that “nothing is bad” with her choice of career, despite what others say or think about it.

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