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Writer Reveals Heartbreaking Story About Third Man In Famous 1968 Olympics Photo





People already know about the story of Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics. However, one writer decided to share the truth about the third man who stood with the athletes during the political demonstration.

Smith and Carlos became famous for their Black Power salute during the Olympic games in Mexico City. The athletes dared to stand up for equal rights when they were given their medals. Interestingly, the man who stood with Smith and Carlos also did the same, but in his own heartbreaking way.

Norman fought inequality in Australia and became an outsider in his own country.

Khaya Dlanga is a writer who wants everyone to know about Peter Norman, the Australian silver medalist who stood with Smith and Carlos. Norman himself fought for equality in his own country. Unfortunately, it led to Norman being treated as an outcast in Australia.

Norman didn’t raise his fist along with Smith and Carlos. However, he is credited for giving them the pair of black gloves they wore during the demonstration. In addition to that, Norman wore a badge of the Olympic Project for Human Rights.

His fellow athletes knew about Norman’s own fight. “If we were getting beat up, Peter was fighting an entire country and suffering alone,” Carlos had said.

Dlanga shared Norman’s story so people would learn more about his fight for equality.

The writer revealed that Norman was never invited back to the Olympics. He was asked to join the organizing committee for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games if he condemned Smith and Carlos. Norman refused to do so.

Norman continued to support Smith and Carlos until the end. When a statue of the athletes was commissioned by the San Jose State University, he requested that his place is left empty. This way, other people can stand with Smith and Carlos.

Norman’s story is truly heartbreaking. You can read more about the unsung hero below.

Learn more about Norman’s story below:

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