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Christian Church Earns Love and Respect For Its Signs Promoting Equality

“Our message is that God loves all people… especially those who are often marginalized by religion.”

  • The Clackamas United Church of Christ recently went viral for the signs outside their building.
  • The signs, created by Pastor Adam Eriksen, promotes love and equality for all.

A Christian church in Wisconsin has been capturing people’s attention because of the amazing signs outside their building. Compared with other traditional religious groups, this church seems to be more tolerant and less judgmental, based on the statements written on their signs.

The Clackamas United Church of Christ is a proud supporter of women and LGBTQ+ rights plus it strongly condemns racism, among many others. Now they’re receiving lots of love from netizens everywhere because of their firm stance on these controversial topics.

Preaching tolerance and love: Pastor Adam Ericksen of the Clackamas United Church of Christ.
One of the popular signs says ‘Powerful Men Shame A Woman. Jesus Took Her Side.’
The church also reminds people that everyone is welcome in their building, regardless of their marital status.

In one of his sermons, Pastor Adam said that religion often has been known for “being dogmatic” and for “claiming ultimate truth,” which should not be the case in the first place.

The sad truth is that these days, so manyreligions are often fighting against each other and, at the same time, condemning people who do not practice their beliefs as “sinners”.

Pastor Adam, who came up with the signs, is aiming to reach more people through these unconventional signs.

In the past, the church only had its name and time of worship service in their signs but the preacher proposed to change that. And when they did, the signs eventually went viral as they gained a lot of positive feedback on social media.

In a UNILAD interview, Pastor Adam shared:

“Our message is that God loves all people, because that was the message Jesus proclaimed. And in proclaiming that message, we state that God loves particular people – especially those who are often marginalized by religion.”

The pastor likewise pointed out that during his time, Jesus often showed compassion to individuals and groups of people shunned by the “religious elite.”

“We love Jesus and his way of life,” he also added.


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