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World’s Deepest Swimming Pool To Open Soon In Poland

Here’s a unique swimming pool to check out!

  • Poland will soon open the world’s deepest swimming pool in autumn 2019.
  • Deepspot will be 45 meters deep.
  • Other facilities in the location will include hotel rooms, conference and training rooms, and an underwater tunnel.

A new swimming pool is currently being built in Poland outside of Warsaw and it’s been making headlines as early as now. True to its name, Deepspot is going to be really, really deep. In fact, it’s going to be the world’s deepest swimming pool at least for a period of time (more on that topic later) and it is expected to open in autumn of this year.

Reports tell us that its diving pool will be at 45 meters deep (147.6 feet) and it will need 8,000 cubic meters of water to fill up. In context, that’s almost like 27 swimming pools used in the Olympics!

Furthermore, we learn that Deepspot has been designed to accommodate beginners to athletes to professional divers alike as a place where they can enhance their swimming skills.

They will also have a conference rooms, training rooms, and underwater hotel rooms. There will also be an underwater tunnel for visitors who want to witness the action without diving in the pool at all.

Deepspot will be grabbing the title of being the world’s deepest swimming pool from current record-holder Y-40 Deep Joy which is at 42 meters deep. This pool is located in Montegrotto Terme, Italy.

However, as mentioned earlier, Poland’s achievement will be short-lived as Colchester in the United Kingdom will also be opening Blue Abyss in 2020 -and it will be featuring a 50-meter-deep pool.

Despite that, Deepspot will definitely make a name for itself as one of the top attractions for those looking for the ultimate deep swimming experience.

Check out the video below to learn more:

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Here’s Deepspot currently under construction:

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